Computational Materials Engineering

The Computational Materials Engineering group is focused on ICME and developing an IT platform to enable ICME.


With our strong background in materials and manufacturing process modeling, and other allied fields across TCS, we have embarked on development of an IT platform to enable ICME. The ultimate goal is to reduce the costs and time for the material and product development – either the development of new materials, adaptation of materials for new applications or integrated optimal design of existing materials, processes and products - from concept to market by the users of the ICME platform. We are developing computational models, reusable tools, methods for representation of knowledge and a backbone platform that can be customized for individual material and product needs. The initial focus of the development will be around steel alloys and products and will be extended to other materials in the future.

We are working on the development of this platform and demonstrating its capability by solving two foundational engineering problems related to steel. One of the foundational problems we are looking at is the development of third generation advanced high strength steels, which requires a careful design of chemistry and processing conditions. Conflicting requirements of strength, ductility, weldability and cost require careful design of chemistry and microstructure of the final product. Manufacturing processes have to be designed to achieve this combination of microstructure with minimal other defects. These issues are addressed through an integrated modeling paradigm on the ICME platform. The other problem we are looking at is the set of operations required for the design of transmission gears. Transmission gears are often made from mill products - a round bar, which is rolled to its form from a billet. Information on how the distribution of material properties such as strength, fatigue life and residual stresses evolved during the subsequent manufacturing process, can lead to better gear designs. This combination of component design and corresponding manufacturing process is addressed in this problem.

Our efforts are focused on developing the ICME platform. This platform technology is generic in nature. It is potentially useful in solving other industrial problems as well. We are also exploring the development of a platform technology for controlled drug delivery based on a similar conceptual framework.

This group is headed by Dr. Pradip P.



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