ICT Systems

The ICT Systems research group mainly focuses on problems of the Enterprise IT systems. Specific research areas include:

Automation of enterprise IT Infrastructure Transformation

  • Understanding the problems of modern IT Infrastructure Transformation and building analytics-driven tools and frameworks to automate the same

Performance Engineering/assurance of computing systems and networks

  • Measurement, emulation, analysis,  modelling, and optimization of the performance of distributed computing systems
  • Development of high performance components & frameworks, enabling solutions meet stringent performance SLAs
  • Measurement and optimization of network protocol stacks

Privacy, Security and Trust

  • Privacy and Utility Preserving Data Masking
  • Engineering Privacy by Design 
  • Privacy Assurance
  • Privacy Economics  
  • Cryptography, Hash Functions, and Key Distribution
  • Access Control Systems
  • Secure Desktop environments and applications
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Voice, Video and Image Security  

Green data-centres

  • Lowering the energy consumption of data centres through intelligent analytics using thermal modelling


  • Understand the problems faced by telecom operators and build analytics-driven tools to reduce their CAPEX and OPEX across technologies
  • Build propagation models that take into account the Indian terrain conditions.
    Semi-automate the challenging task of an enterprise data center network design for multi OEM products
  • Develop techniques, algorithms and PoCs, etc., that will enable data offloading from the cellular networks to alternate networks such as WiFi, preferably at a lower cost point while maintaining Quality of Experience (QoE) of the users
  • Look at ways to address scalability and fault tolerance issues in SDN networks.
  • Understand the needs of a user and virtualize the network to suit that need in a multi-tenant SDN environment.
  • Design the Information Centric Networks (ICN) architecture using SDN framework; propose mechanisms for naming / addressing, routing, caching and security  related to content distribution in Internet.

The group is headed by:   

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