Just Ask - Social Q&A Platform for the Enterprise

Are your employees leveraging the knowledge of experts within the organization? Is your organization benefiting from the wisdom of crowds?

Harness the potential of your human resources with TCS’ JustAsk, a social Q&A platform that aims to tap into the tacit knowledge of the individuals and use the collective wisdom of the crowds to find answers to any posted query or issue. JustAsk allows employees to post questions, answer co-workers’ questions, and vote up or down on others answers. The platform also has an intrinsic reputation engine to encourage user-participation and rewards users for their participation and for providing insightful answers.

JustAsk is designed to enable a social Knowledge Management (KM) ecosystem within the organization. It acts as a first-level support mechanism, enabling individuals to receive solutions for any issue, from the experts within the enterprise. These individuals, in turn, use their implicit knowledge to provide a resolution for the problem at hand. The platform helps improve productivity by enabling greater collaboration and even helps accelerate time-to-market with the sharing of critical knowledge.

Download Brochure Just Ask - Q & A Platform for Social Enterprise (68 KB)

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