An emerging area of research is to improve heat transfer efficiency of a heat transfer fluid by dispersing nanoparticles in it. The challenge is to develop a cost-effective, scalable process to produce stable dispersions with consistent performance over heating-cooling cycles. TCS has developed novel coolants by dispersing a variety of nanoparticles. We have also made it possible to integrate our process with existing coolant manufacturing lines with little modification.


TCS Advantage

The Process Engineering Innovation Lab holds several patents for nanocoolant solutions.

The Lab carries out research in areas such as:

  • Nanotechnology and Nano-biotechnology Initiatives
    • Scale-up of nanoparticle production
    • Design of performance chemicals and nanofluids based on molecular modeling
    • Polymer-based drug delivery systems
  • Metals and Materials Innovation
    • Model-based optimization of industrial operations
    • Integrated platform for metals processing simulation and optimization
    • Integration of materials in the manufacturing process up to the design stage
  • Green Technologies
    • Energy-efficient data centers
    • Eco-cements from industrial wastes
    • Solid waste management for the minerals and metal industries

TCS is a pioneer in demonstrating that nanocoolants can be produced commercially in large quantities, and that they can be stable for years. Coolants based on our proprietary technology have shown consistent performance over several thousand heating / cooling cycles. 

TCS' Process Engineering Innovation Lab has demonstrated the ability to produce stable engine coolants in quantities exceeding 100 liters. This process has demonstrated a 10 to 50 percent enhancement in the heat transfer efficiency of a commercial coolant. Our coolants have been proven to remain stable for as long as 36 months and their properties have been proven invariant for more than 3,000 cycles. In addition, this patented process can be seamlessly integrated into existing coolant manufacturing lines.


Nanocoolants can be applied to various uses, such as in the automotive, metal processing and manufacturing industries, and for IT infrastructure cooling. 

Our solutions for automotive applications offer benefits like:

  • Reduced costs
    With improved heat transfer efficiency, a lower-capacity coolant pump can be used, reducing the quantity of coolant required. This reduces the cost of initial set-up as well as operating costs.
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions
    The increased thermal efficiency with TCS' nanocoolants as opposed to traditional cooling methods leads to improved fuel efficiency and, therefore, lower emissions.

For the automotive company, our solution provides more efficient IC engine cooling at a marginally higher cost. For the consumer, this translates into a more fuel-efficient car. Similar benefits are expected for other industries and use cases as well. 

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