Requirements Engineering

Our contribution to the Requirements Engineering (RE) community is a novel approach that we term "Knowledge-assisted requirements Evolution".

We apply ontology-based knowledge engineering techniques to solve problems in software requirements. Our method and toolset help extract knowledge from semi-structured or structured documents and web pages, synthesize and organize knowledge in a context-sensitive way, derive reusable parts of it and configure them to suit the current knowledge needs of projects. We have contributed a chapter based on this work to a Springer-edited book.

We are working on an extension of this approach to Bancs Insurance products. Here, we represent the product knowledge as a domain model and devise an intelligent ontology-based method to aid product requirements configuration.

We derive our problems from the findings on the ‘field’ using empirical research techniques. This work is an ongoing collaboration with researchers from University of Twente, Netherlands and TUM and University of Hamburg, Germany.

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