Research Career Opportunities at TCS

TCS not only provides a conducive work environment to its researchers but also helps them collaborate with other brilliant minds.

TCS Innovation Labs offer significant advantages:

An Intellectually Stimulating Research Environment:

TCS Innovation Labs offer a healthy mix of the institutional wisdom of a large and well-known enterprise and the energy of a start-up. Members of our fully-equipped labs regularly interact with professionals working on different projects worldwide and various domains TCS operates in, to understand challenges and shape solutions.

Work happens in both core and multi-disciplinary areas. We facilitate collaboration across labs, and encourage researchers to take on new roles. Our researchers file over a hundred patents each year, and our research-based papers are a recognized voice on global thought leadership platforms. 

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A Well-Connected Ecosystem:

TCS has developed a network that connects the labs to the innovation ecosystem, allowing researchers to collaborate with experts outside the organization. Our Co-Innovation Network (COINTM) connects academic institutions, start-up companies, venture funds, strategic alliance partners, and multi-lateral organizations.

Learning and Growth:

TCS conducts and participates in events that promote exchange of ideas.

We encourage continuous learning and improvement of skills. Researchers can benefit from the following initiatives:

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We are looking for researchers who will advance our work in our core research areas, create R&D assets, and enhance the visibility of our organizational capabilities.

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