Services Research and Innovation

Services as a business have clearly gained significant prominence.



Maturing services market and increasing competition, with providers of services having no significant differentiator, is a motivation for us to enhance our professional rigor and focus towards services. Keeping in view the emerging body of knowledge on services as a discipline, we at TCS announced a research initiative on ‘Services’.

The key expectation from this research is to explore and consolidate the services book of knowledge (BOK) and demonstrate its applicability in the context of a services business for the benefit of our ISUs / practices towards offering and providing better and enhanced services to all our clients. Accordingly, this research is expected to deliver into our aspirations of enhanced service quality, superior quality of experience (QOE) of the services rendered, thought leadership in services, customer intimacy and non-linearity in our business.

Exploring ‘service as an entity’ and addressing QOE as an emergent systemic property, both form part of the services research agenda. Services being non-physical in nature, the generic approach to deal with services can possibly be extended to address other non-physical entities such as business model, client relationship, corporate branding, and organization culture and so on. Going forward, the research on services may be extended to explore ‘knowledge as a construct’, as knowledge forms the underlying basis for all the entities, whether physical or non-physical.

The various activities under this research sub-area are services research & exploration, services innovation, collaboration with academics and institutes, interaction with various stakeholders and practices, the associated coordination tasks towards scale-up and proliferation and so on.  

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