Sitaram Chamarty

Principal Consultant


Sitaram graduated with a B.Tech degree from JNTU, Kakinada in 1984 and received his M. Tech in Computer Science from ISI, Kolkata in 1986.

Research Interests:

  • Security
  • Open Source
  • Version Control Systems

Sitaram Chamarty is part of TCS' Corporate Technology Office, and heads the eSecurity and Open Source initiatives within this group. In his experience of over 2 decades in the IT industry, he has been a data warehousing consultant and has worked in language conversions.  His other current interests include the Perl language, performance and optimisation, and system administration.

Sitaram is the author of what has become the most popular access control layer for the "git" version control system. Gitolite allows you to setup git hosting on a central server, with very fine-grained access control and many more powerful features. This application has attracted the attention of several hundreds of users, including some really large open source projects like Fedora, KDE, and (which is the official repository of the Linux kernel).

Referred Publications:

  • An authorization scheme for version control systems.
    Sitaram Chamarty, Hiren D. Patel, Mahesh V. Tripunitara 
    01/2011; In proceeding of: SACMAT 2011, 16th ACM Symposium on Access Control Models and Technologies, Innsbruck, Austria, June 15-17, 2011, Proceedings
  • The Book - Gitolite Essentials
    Author: Sitaram Chamaraty
    The book starts with a brief introduction to Gitolite. The very first chapter tells you how to create a test setup so you can play with Gitolite – something that is very important when learning a powerful tool with lots of features.  You'll go from there at an easy pace through all the most important aspects of Gitolite. Read more


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