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TCS iCity Suite

Rapid urbanization is putting a strain on city infrastructure, depleting natural resources and increasing energy consumption. Internet of Things solutions are paving the way for intelligent infrastructures and Cities. Watch the TCS iCity video which provides a quick view of our offerings.

TCS Research, Corporate Technology Office's  IoT team and Business Delivery Units are working on Internet-of Things related applications in various domains. Some of these are:

  • Smart Transportation – Connected Cars, Fleet Management, Smart Railways – connected containers, Railways yard management, Traffic monitoring and control 
  • Smart Distribution – Logistics, Distribution of Cement, Fertilizer, Food, Medicine etc. 
  • Healthcare – Remote Patient Monitoring, Critical Disease Management, Emergency Services 
  • Energy and Utilities – Smart Grid, Smart Metering, Water Environment - Waste management, Pollution control 
  • Security - Accident and Crime Reporting, Emergency Services, Surveillance

This video provides a glimpse of how our offerings address the challenges.