Dr. Tew, Jeffrey D

Chief Scientist, Head, TCS Innovation Labs - Cincinnati



  • PhD, Operations Research, Purdue University, USA, December 1986
  • MS Applied Statistics, Purdue University, USA, December 1981
  • BS, Mathematics, Purdue University, USA, June 1979

Research Interests:
Dr. Jeffrey Tew's research interests include:

  • Transportation
  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Technology Management

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Auction-Based Mechanisms for Electronic Procurement
Authors:T. S. Chandrashekar, Y. Narahari, Charles H. Rosa, Devadatta Kulkarni, Jeffrey D. Tew, and Pankaj Dayama
Auction-based mechanisms are extremely relevant in modern day electronic procurement systems since they enable a promising way of automating negotiations with suppliers and achieve the ideal goals of procurement efficiency and cost minimization. This paper surveys recent research and current art in the area of auction-based mechanisms for e-procurement. The survey delineates different representative scenarios in e-procurement where auctions can be deployed and describes the conceptual and mathematical aspects of different categories of procurement auctions. We discuss three broad categories: 1) single-item auctions: auctions for procuring a single unit or multiple units of a single homogeneous type of item; 2) multi-item auctions: auctions for procuring a single unit or multiple units of multiple items; and 3) multiattribute auctions where the procurement decisions are based not only on costs but also on attributes, such as lead times, maintenance contracts, quality, etc. In our review, we present the mathematical formulations under each of the above categories, bring out the game theoretic and computational issues involved in solving the problems, and summarize the current art. We also present a significant case study of auction based e-procurement at General Motors.

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