TCS CTO Interview with Sky News Channel, Australia K Ananth Krishnan, VP and Chief Technology Officer, TCS, discusses innovation and technology trends with focus on Australia
    The Default is Digital – Prepare for the Next Evolution A significant force shaping the ‘New Global Context’ is the emergence of ‘Digital’ technologies. Going digital is no longer an option, it is the default.
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Energy analytics

Case Study: A leading retailer implements proactive fault detection in refrigeration systems to reduce energy

TCS has developed a  first of its kind refrigeration monitoring solution that detects and identifies faults in supermarket refrigeration systems, even in the absence of comprehensive onboard sensor information, using data logs from an ensemble of stores.

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Video: TCS Facilitates Design Jam for Visa Europe Collab to Design a New Product 

In this Video, Visa Europe Collab describes how TCS and other partners helped in designing a contactless payment system for charity. 
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White Paper: Getting more out of Internet of Things with Realtime Analytics

IoT is changing the way people and businesses use devices. There will be exponential increase in the number of connected devices and businesses will have  to handle large quantities of data. This paper highlights how adding real-time analytics to the mix can enable organizations differentiate themselves. 
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Video: Disrupt or be Disrupted: The Imperative of Innovation

TCS Innovation Forum, an annual invitation-only event, held on the May 28, 2015, at London, brought together more than 120 decision makers from across the U.K. business community to discuss digital innovation with TCS and industry peers. Watch the video for a bird’s eye view of the Innovation Forum 2015. 


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