Systems 2012

Thermal Influence Indices: Causality Metrics for Efficient Exploration of Data CenterIGCC 2012Amarendra Kumar Singh, Harshad Bhagwat, Anand Sivasubramaniam, Arunchandar VasanICT Systems
Energy storage in datacenters: what, where, and how muchACM Sigmetrics ConfAnand SivasubramaniamICT Systems
Efficient Booster Pump Placement in WaterIGCC 2012Iyswarya Narayanan, Anand Sivasubramaniam, Arunchandar Vasan, Venkatesh SaranganCyber-Physical Systems
Mobile Healthcare Infrastructure for Home & Small ClinicMobiHoc 2012Avik Ghose, Chirabrata Bhaumik, Amit Kumar Agrawal, Diptesh DasHuman System
Generic Middleware Architecture Supporting Heterogeneous Sensors Management for Any Smart SystemNeCoM 2012Soma Bandyopadhyay, Abhijan BhattacharyyaCyber-Physical Systems
Data Analytics in Ubiquitous Sensor-based Health Information SystemsI-TASC '12 co-hosted with NGMAST2012Arijit Mukherjee, Prateep Misra, Arpan PalCyber-Physical Systems
Domain Recompilation-based Approach towards Hierarchical Task Network Planning with ConstraintsAI@IE in conjunction with ECAI2012Debnath Mukherjee, Plaban Kumar Bhowmick, Prateep MisraCyber-Physical Systems
Negotiation Based Privacy Preservation Scheme in Internet of Things PlatformSECURIT2012Soma Bandyopadhyay, Sachin Lodha, Vijayanand Mahadeo Banahatti, Arijit Ukil, Joel Joseph ChengottusseriyilCyber-Physical Systems
Value Added Services for Connected TVValue Added Services for Connected TVTanushyam ChattopadhyayHuman System
Intelligent InfrastructureRajabazar Science College as part of Academic Interface ProgramArijit Mukherjee, Debnath Mukherjee, Plaban Kumar Bhowmick, Aniruddha Sinha, Arindam Saha, Arpan PalCyber-Physical Systems
IoT of Actuating ThingsStrategic Workshop on Wireless RoboticsArpan PalCyber-Physical Systems
An Identity based Encryption using Elliptic Curve Cryptography for Secure M2M CommunicationSECURIT2012- First International Conference on Security of Internet of ThingsRavishankara Shastry, Balamuralidhar P, Barakuru Suryanarayana Adiga, Rajan M ACyber-Physical Systems
Cross Training - Is it a Panacea for all Call Center ills?Proceedings of the International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists 2012 Vol II, IMECS 2012Benny MathewICT Systems
Smart City Surveillance: Leveraging Benefits of Cloud Data StoresIEEE LCN 2012Ankur Chakraborty, Swarnava Dey, Prateep Misra, Soumitra NaskarCyber-Physical Systems
Novel uses of Rice-Husk-Ash (a natural Silica-Carbon matrix) in Low-Cost Water Purification ApplicationsNational Conference on Carbon MaterialsChetan MalhotraCyber-Physical Systems
Using Social Network Graphs for Search Space Reduction in Internet of ThingsUbicomp 2012Chirabrata Bhaumik, Amit Kumar Agrawal, Priyanka SinhaHuman System
Cloud ComputingIndustry Institute Interaction, Heritage Institute of technologySwarnava Dey, Soumitra Naskar, Nilanjan RoyCyber-Physical Systems
Personal Context Extraction Using Sensorsu-World 2012   Arpan PalHuman System
A Distance Education System for Internet Broadcast Using Tutorial MultiplexingThird Euro ITV Workshop on Interactive Digital TV in Emergent EconomiesSounak Dey, Arindam Halder, Abhishek Mishra, Aniruddha Sinha, Arindam Saha, Arpan Pal, Somnath Ghosh DastidarHuman Systems
Context Sensitive Adaptation of Television InterfaceThird Euro ITV Workshop on Interactive Digital TV in Emergent EconomiesDebatri Chatterjee, Kingshuk Chakravarty, Aniruddha Sinha, Somnath Ghosh DastidarHuman Systems
A Novel Low Complexity TV Video OCR SystemICPR2012Tanushyam ChattopadhyayHuman Systems
Systems Approach to As-Is state formation of an Engagement2012 IEEE International Systems ConferenceVeerendra Kumar Rai, Sanjit MehtaHuman Systems
Discovering Patterns in Outsourcing Models2012 IPMA Expert SeminarVeerendra Kumar Rai, Sanjit MehtaHuman Systems
System of Requisite Knowledge for Service2012 IEEE Internation conference on Service Systems and Service ManagementVeerendra Kumar RaiHuman Systems
Leveraging Similarities and Defect Analysis Feedback in Migration Programs FSP Approach2012 IPMA World CongressVeerendra Kumar Rai, Sanjit MehtaHuman Systems
Understanding Fixed-Price Programs: A Case Study Illustration2012 IPMA world congressVeerendra Kumar RaiHuman Systems
Low Computational Approach for Road Condition Monitoring Using SmartphonesCSI-2012: International Conference on Intelligent InfrastructureSyed Mohd Arif Bilal, Arijit SinharayCyber-Physical Systems
Automatic Gazette Creation for Named Entity Recognition and Application to Resume ProcessingACM Compute 2012Rajiv Radheyshyam Srivastava, Girish Keshav Palshikar, Sachin PawarHuman Systems
A Smart Transport Application of Cyber-Physical Systems: Road Surface Monitoring with mobile devices2012 IEEE Int. Conf. on Sensing TechnologySyed Mohd Arif Bilal, Balamuralidhar P, Arpan Pal, Krishnan SrinivasarenganICT Systems
A model-based approach to monitor complex road-vehicle interactions through first principlesInt. Conf on Mathematical & Physical Science (IC-MSQUARE)Syed Mohd Arif Bilal, Balamuralidhar P, Tapas Chakravarty, Krishnan SrinivasarenganICT Systems
Modern Trends in Electronics EngineeringELECTRO 2012- National SeminarTapas ChakravartyICT Systems
Generating Project Plans for Data CenterThe 25th Australasian joint conference on artificial intelligenceAmrit Lal Ahuja, Girish Keshav PalshikarHuman System
Performance Prediction Using Minimal Testing and Parallel Characteristics of a ProgramCMG 2012Amol Bhaskar Khanapurkar, Mohit NandaICT Systems
Digital Audio Watermarking using DWT-SVD and Secret SharingJournal of ComputersSrinivasa Rao Chalamala, Krishna RaoICT Systems
A New Privacy Metric to Measure Anonymity-Connectivity Index ApproachThe International Congress in Honour of Professor Hari M. SrivastavaHemant Kumar, Balamuralidhar P, Rajan M ACyber-Physical Systems
Automated Train Operation System for a MineXXVI International Mineral processing Congress (IMPC 2012)Girish Keshav PalshikarHuman System
A Temporal Constraint based Planning Approach for City Tour and Travel Plan Generation4th International Conference on Intelligent Human Computer InteractionDebnath Mukherjee, Plaban Kumar Bhowmick, Prateep Misra, Abinash SamantarayCyber-Physical Systems
Maximum Throughput Computation of an Application in a Multi-tier Environment2012 IEEE Int. Symposium on Performance Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunication SystemsSubhasri DuttaguptaICT systems
Carbon-Aware Energy Capacity Planning for Data CentersMASCOTS 2012Anand SivasubramaniamCyber physical systems
PerfExt: Performance Extrapolation Tool2012Subhasri DuttaguptaICT systems
Virtual Memory Subsystem Performance: Benchmarking and a case studyComputer Measurement GroupManoj Karunakaran NambiarICT systems
Streamlining Service Levels for IT Infrastructure SupportIEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM 2012)Harrick Mayank Vin; Maitreya Natu; Girish Keshav Palshikar;ICT Systems
Desktop Isolation Advantage AP 2012Lakshmi Padmaja; Harshita Vani Nallagonda;ICT Systems
Personal Context Discovery using Unobtrusive SensCSI 2012Arpan Pal;Human Systems
Self-optimization in wired and wireless networksCisco iExpo 2012Hemant Kumar; Anantha Simha;ICT Systems
Network TransformationCisco iExpo 2012Hemant Kumar; Anantha Simha; Shameemraj M Nadaf;ICT Systems
Communication and Signal Processing Technologies for Intelligent InfrastructureNCCCS 2012Arpan Pal;Human Systems
CPS for Intelligent InfrastructureFirst anniversary workshop for Bosch CPS center IIScBalamuralidhar P;Cyber-Physical Systems
Intelligent SensingSymposium on Cyber Physical systems, IEEE Control System Society, IISc, BangaloreBalamuralidhar P;Cyber-Physical Systems
"From Composites to Service Systems: The Role of Emergence in Service Design"IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (IEEE SMC 2012), SeoulAnshuman Bahadur Saxena;Cyber-Physical Systems
Internet of Actuating ThingsFourteenth Strategic Workshop (SW?12) May 6-8, 2012Balamuralidhar P;Cyber-Physical Systems
Model based Sensor Data InterpretationInt. Conference Computers, Communications in Sensor Networks (CCSN-2012)Tapas Chakravarty;Cyber-Physical Systems
Measurement of Performance benefits using Hardware Crypto AccelerationICCTS 2012Rajesh Kumar MeenaICT systems

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