Systems 2013

An Architecture for Dynamic Web Service Provisioning using Peer-to-Peer Networks9th International Conference on Distributed Computing and Internet TechnologyArijit MukherjeeCyber-Physical Systems
What Affects Me? A Smart Public Alert System based on Stream ReasoningInternational Conference on Ubiquitous Information Management and Communication (ACM ICUIMC 2013)Debnath Mukherjee, Prateep Misra, Snehasis BanerjeeCyber-Physical Systems
Expectation of Corporate world from Academia JIS Engineering CollegeTanushyam Chattopadhyay;Human System
Novel Transport Layer Aware Uplink Scheduling Scheme for LTE-based NetworksIEEE NCCHemant Kumar;Anantha Simha;Munmun Sengupta;ICT System
Cloud Computing and Virtualization: From Theory to PracticeNational Conference on High Performance Computing & SimulationHimadri Sekhar Paul;Cyber-Physical Systems
Soft Systems Methodology Perspective on Service Engagement Model TransformationNaples Forum on Service 2013Veerendra Kumar Rai;Human System
An Identity Based Elliptic Curve CryptographyNational Mathematic Year- 2012 programme-Vision group of Science and Technology(, Bangalore and Veerashaiva College BellaryRajan M A;Cyber-Physical Systems
Faster Exploration of Data center Cooling using Thermal Influence Indices?, Sustain. ComputSustainable computingAmarendra Kumar Singh; Anand Sivasubramaniam; Arunchandar Vasan; Harshad Bhagwat;ICT Systems
Limitations of current methodologies used for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model development for pulverized coal based processesIMPCAmarendra Kumar Singh;Harshad Bhagwat;ICT Systems
Grid Computing for Internet-of-Things_x000B_ - towards Intelligent InfrastructureCSI Eastern Regional ConventionArpan Pal;Cyber-Physical Systems
Wireless Networks - Present & FutureTCS Faculty Development ProgrammeHemant Kumar;Cyber-Physical Systems
A Design Methodology for Optimally Folded, Pipelined Architectures in VLSI Applications using Projective Space LatticesElsevier Journal of Microprocessors and MicrosystemsHrishikesh Sharma;ICT Systems
Probability and Randomness - in Daily LifeWorkshop on Mathematics in Daily LifeHemant Kumar;Human Systems
Transformation_VariationsSETE 2013Veerendra Kumar Rai;ICT Systems
A Tutorial on Modelling Call Centres Using Discrete Event SimulationEuropean Conference on Modelling and Simulation (ECMS 2013)Benny Mathew;Human Systems
Unsupervised Gazette Creation Using Information DistanceNLDBSavita Suhas Bhat;Sachin Pawar;Sangameshwar Suryakant Patil;Girish Keshav Palshikar;Rajiv Radheyshyam Srivastava;Cyber-Physical Systems
Towards a Smart Infrastructure for a Smart FutureStudent Award Ceremony at IIT GuwahatiArijit Mukherjee;Cyber-Physical Systems
Online system for energy assessment in large facilities ? Methodology & A real-world case studyInternational Green Computing ConferenceVenkata Ramakrishna P;Anand Sivasubramaniam;Gollakota Phani Bhargava Kaushik;Kanikicherla Sudhakar;Cyber-Physical Systems
On 2-adically Extended Projective Geometry Based Codes and Efficient Decoding ArchitectureNational Conference on Communication - 2013Girish M C;Barakuru Suryanarayana Adiga;Sandhya Sree Thaskani;Cyber-Physical Systems
M2M opportunity for Carrier Cloud ServicesIEEE ANTS International Conference - Panel DiscussionBalamuralidhar P;Cyber-Physical Systems
Participatory Sensing for Intelligent InfrastructureConference on Intelligent Infrastructures, CSI, KolkataBalamuralidhar P;Cyber-Physical Systems
Wireless Netowkrs simulation issues"SIMULATION ON QUALNET DEVELOPER".(FDP)Rajan M A;Cyber-Physical Systems
Stress Detection of IT Professionals using one Minute ECG Record18th International Neuroscience and biological Psychiatry conference on Stress and BehaviorSrinivasan Jayaraman;Cyber-Physical Systems
Wearable cardiac and mobility monitoring system for elderly peopleInternational Conference on Assistive TechnologySrinivasan Jayaraman;Cyber-Physical Systems
Personal health care at work spaceIEE NethealthSrinivasan Jayaraman;Cyber-Physical Systems
Energy Efficient Sensor Data Distribution Using Mobile Phone in Cyber-Physical-SystemICDCN 2013, CoMNet-IoT workshopSoma Bandyopadhyay;Abhijan Bhattacharyya;Cyber-Physical Systems
Integrated predictive call admission control and resource reservation for wireless networks: an adaptive filtering approachTransactions on Emerging Telecommunications TechnologiesArijit Ukil;Human Systems
Don't Use a Lot When Little Will Do - Genre Identication Using URLs14th Conference on Intelligent Text Processing and Computational LinguisticsIyengar Venkatachary Srinivasan;ICT Systems
HetNets: Enhancing Cellular Coverage and Capacity3rd BWCI Workshop in LTEHemant Kumar;ICT Systems
Usability of Mobile Devices for NetHealthIEEE COMSNETS 2013 Workshop (NetHealth)Hemant Kumar;ICT Systems
Optimal Skill Profile for Service Desk TeamInternational Conference on Optimization, Computing & Business Analytics (ICOCBA 2012)Sandeep Chougule;Girish Keshav Palshikar;ICT Systems
Almost Unsupervised Document Content Filtering using Topic ModelsWorkshop on Analytics for Noisy unstructured text Data (AND 2012)Sandeep Chougule; Swapnil Vishveshwar Hingmire;Girish Keshav Palshikar;ICT Systems
Automatic Selection of Binarization Techniques for Robust OCRICDAR 2013Ramu Reddy Vempada; Tanushyam Chattopadhyay;Cyber-Physical Systems
A Chord-based Architecture for Efficient Dynamic Service Provisioning over Distributed ResourcesThe 2013 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications (PDPTA)Arijit Mukherjee;Cyber-Physical Systems
Low Overhead Communication Mechanism for Constrained Sensor Gateway in IoTGlobal wireless Summit 2013Soma Bandyopadhyay;Cyber-Physical Systems
Security Policy Enforcement in Cloud InfrastructureInternational Conference on Computer Science, Engineering &Applications ( ICCSEA)Arijit Ukil;Cyber-Physical Systems
Distributed Edge-Computing for Internet-of-Thingsu-World 2013Arpan Pal;Cyber-Physical Systems
Towards a Smart Infrastructure for a Smarter FutureResearch Promotional Workshop on Recent Trends in Computing, BESU, HowrahHimadri Sekhar Paul;Cyber-Physical Systems
Pesticides for your System : Debugging methods and Tools6th National Workshop on Recent Trends in Software Testing, NIT RourkellaHimadri Sekhar Paul;Cyber-Physical Systems
Overlapped Subarray Architecture of an Wideband Phased Array Antenna with Interference Suppression CapabilityJournal of Electromagnetic Analysis & ApplicationTapas Chakravarty;Cyber-Physical Systems
Comparative study of disinfectants for use in low-cost gravity driven household water purifiersJournal of Water and HealthRajshree Patil; Chetan Malhotra; Shankar Kausley;Cyber-Physical Systems
A Framework for Non Intrusive Load Monitoring using Bayesian InferenceIMIS-2013Girish M C; Goutam Y G; Krishnan Srinivasarengan;Cyber-Physical Systems
BlueEye ? A System for Proximity Detection Using Bluetooth on Mobile PhonesPUCAA 2013 workshop in Ubicomp 2013Avik Ghose; Chirabrata Bhaumik; Tapas Chakravarty;Cyber-Physical Systems
Stabilization of Cluster Centers over Fuzziness Control Parameter in Component-wise Fuzzy C-means ClusteringIEEE FUZZ 2013Aniruddha Sinha; Kingshuk Cakravarty; Diptesh Das;Human Systems
EEG-Based Fuzzy Cognitive Load ClassificationFuzz IEEE 2013Arijit Sinharay; Debatri Chatterjee;Human Systems
TrigSense: Accelerometer Triggered Audio sensing for Traffic Condition MonitoringISSNIP227793 - Aniruddha Sinha; 494276 - Rohan Banerjee;Human Systems
Towards building service logic for outcome-based contractsThe13th International Research Symposium on Service Excellence in ManagementVeerendra Kumar Rai;Human Systems
Feature Selection by Differential Evolution Algorithm - A Case Study in Personnel IdentificationCEC 2013Aniruddha Sinha; Kingshuk Chakravarty; Diptesh Das;Human Systems
Social Media AnalyticsShort Term Course on Social Media Analysis and Data MiningAmit Kumar Agrawal; Chirabrata Bhaumik; Priyanka Sinha;Human Systems
Social Network as a Soft SensorSocial Media Analysis and Data MiningArpan Pal;Human Systems
Healthcare ManagementRajabazar Science College as part of Academic Interface ProgramAniruddha Sinha; Chirabrata Bhaumik;Human Systems
Human Localization from Kinect Captured Data for Activity Recognition at HomeHomeSys2013 workshop in UbiComp 2013Tanushyam Chattopadhyay; Sangheeta Roy ;Human Systems
UbiHeld - Ubiquitous Healthcare Monitoring System for Elderly and Chronic PatientsRecognize2Interact workshop in Ubicomp 2013Avik Ghose; Amit Kumar Agrawal; Aniruddha Sinha; Chirabrata Bhaumik; Priyanka Sinha; Anirban Dutta Choudhury;Human Systems
A Robust Heart Rate Detection using Smart-phone VideoMobileHealth 2013 WorkshopTanushyam Chattopadhyay; Aniruddha Sinha; Arpan Pal; Anirban Dutta Choudhury; Aiswarya Visvanathan;Human Systems
Integrated Monitoring and Control Specification EnvironmentICALEPCSSwaminathan Natarajan; Subhrojyoti Roy Chaudhuri;ICT Systems
SKA Monitioring and Control Progress StatusICALEPCSSwaminathan Natarajan; Subhrojyoti Roy Chaudhuri;ICT Systems
Wireless Network Planning - Issues and Solution MechanismInvited talk at Dept of CSE, SVNIT, SuratHemant Kumar;ICT Systems
Simulations using NS2Invited Speaker - Faculty Dev ProgrammeHemant Kumar;ICT Systems
Virtualising Power Distribution in Data CentersACM ISCA (Intl Symp on Computer Architecture)Anand Sivasubramaniam;ICT Systems
Appropriate Channel Propagation Models for IndiaDOSTI Standard Body MeetingK N R Surya Varaprasad; Hemant Kumar; Anantha Simha;ICT Systems
Interopeartion among IoT standrardsJournal of ICT Standarization - Volume 1, No.2Soma Bandyopadhyay; Arpan Pal;Cyber-Physical Systems
Research Challenges in Human-in-loop Cyber-physical Systems using Internet-of-Things (IoT)Workshop on IoTArpan Pal;Human System
Pose Based Person Identification Using KinectIEEE SMC 2013Aniruddha Sinha; Kingshuk Chakravarty;Human System
A Comprehensive Sensor Ontology7th International Conf. on Sensing TechnologyRanjan Dasgupta; Sounak Dey;Cyber-Physical Systems
Unsupervised Approach for Measurement of Cognitive Load using EEG SignalsBIBE 2013Aniruddha Sinha; Diptesh Das; Debatri Chatterjee;Human System
Desynchronization and Taceability Attacks on RIPTA-DA ProtocolRFIDSec 2013Praveen Gauravaram;ICT System
Mobile Network OptimizationFaculty Development ProgrammeAnantha Simha;ICT System
Utilising Condor for Data Parallel Analytics in an IoT Context - an Experience ReportIEEE WiMob 2013 Workshop on the Internet of Things Communications and Technologies (IoT 2013)Swarnava Dey; Batsayan Das; Arijit Mukherjee; Himadri Sekhar Paul;Cyber-Physical Systems
Lightweight Security Scheme for Vehicle Tracking System Using CoAPASPI-workshop@UBICOMP -2013Soma Bandyopadhyay; Arpan Pal; Abhijan Bhattacharyya; Arijit Ukil;Cyber-Physical Systems
EEG based Graphical User Interface Evaluation through Supervised and Semi-supervised ApproachesNCBC 2013Aniruddha Sinha; Arijit Sinharay; Diptesh Das; Debatri Chatterjee;Human System
IEEE 802.22 Wireless Regional Area NetworksIEEE Standards workshop on Last Mile ConnectivityRahul Sinha;Cyber-Physical Systems
Internet of Things and its Research AreasJoint Japan-India Workshop on Cyber Security and Services/Applications for M2MSoma Bandyopadhyay;Cyber-Physical Systems
System Oriented Approach to Production SupportIEEE SMC 2013Veerendra Kumar Rai;Human System
BlueEye: A System for Proximity Detection Using Bluetooth on Mobile PhonesPUCAA 2013 workshop in Ubicomp 2013Avik Ghose; Chirabrata Bhaumik; Tapas Chakravarty;Human System
Personal Context Discovery using Smartphones_x000B_ - Does the Utility justify the breach of privacACM Mobihoc 2013Arpan Pal;Cyber-Physical Systems
A Situated and Embodied Approach to Service-oriented ConceptualizationIEEE HICSSAnshuman Bahadur Saxena;Cyber-Physical Systems
Poster Abstract: Adapting Protocol Characteristics of CoAP Using Sensed Indication for Vehicular AnalyticsSensys 2013Soma Bandyopadhyay; Arpan Pal; Abhijan Bhattacharyya;Cyber-Physical Systems
Software Platforms for Internet of Things and M2MJournal of the Indian Institute of SciencePrateep Misra; Balamuralidhar P; Arpan Pal;Cyber-Physical Systems
Performance Extrapolation Across ServersPerformance and Capacity by CMG Conference 2013Rupinder Singh Virk; Subhasri Duttagupta;ICT System
A reconfigurable upper audio band modem for data communication between mobile devicesSpringer Journal on Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal ProcessingRahul Sinha; Balamuralidhar P; Rajeev Moreshwar Bhujade;Cyber-Physical Systems
"A Cognitive Reference Based Model for Learning Compositional Hierarchies with Whole-Composite Tags"International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Information Retrieval (KDIR/IC3K),Anshuman Bahadur Saxena;Cyber-Physical Systems
Exploring Qualitative Probabilistic Networks for Knowledge Modeling in Cognitive Wireless NetworksIWCMC-2013Balamuralidhar P;Cyber-Physical Systems
poster on NEX using Information Distance1st Indian Workshop on Machine Learning iWML 2013 at IIT KanpurSachin Pawar; Sangameshwar Suryakant Patil; Girish Keshav Palshikar;ICT System
A Framework for Predicting Query Response Time at Application Development StageIJSERRekha Singhal;ICT System
A Joint Local-Global Technique for Wireless Mobile Network Planning and OptimizationIEEE PIMRC 2013K N R Surya Varaprasad; Hemant Kumar; Anantha Simha; Vishvesh Rewvoori;ICT System
Windowing Mechanisms for Web Scale Stream ReasoningCIKM Workshop Web-KRDebnath Mukherjee; Snehasis Banerjee;Cyber-Physical Systems
Demo Abstract: HeartSense ? Estimating Blood Pressure and ECG from Photoplethysmograph using Smart PhonesSensys 2013Aniruddha Sinha; Rohan Banerjee; Chirabrata Bhaumik; Arpan Pal; Anirban Dutta Choudhury; Aiswarya Visvanathan;Human System
sIdentity Based Elliptic. Curve Cryptography and Its ApplicationsICIP-2013Rajan M A;Cyber-Physical Systems
Estimation of ECG Parameters using PhotoplethysmographyBIBE 2013Aniruddha Sinha; Rohan Banerjee; Arpan Pal;Human System
Offloading work to mobile devices: An availability-aware data partitioning approach1st International Workshop on Middleware for Cloud-enabled Sensing(Co-located with: Middleware 2013 ? ACM/IFIP/USENIX International Middleware Conference); F.Rating:39/2=19.5Swarnava Dey; Arijit Mukherjee; Himadri Sekhar Paul;Cyber-Physical Systems
On RFID Tag Reading by a Mobile Reader in a WarehouseIEEE ANTS 2013Venkatesh Sarangan;Cyber-Physical Systems
Internet of Things and its conceptsWorkshop on Internet of ThingsSoma Bandyopadhyay;Cyber-Physical Systems
An Overview of Homomorphic EncryptionAsia Pacific Security Magazine (APSM)Praveen Gauravaram;ICT System
Statistical analysis of road-vehicle-driver interaction as an enabler to designing behavioural modelsIC-MSQUARE 2013Arijit Chowdhury; Avik Ghose; Chirabrata Bhaumik; Tapas Chakravarty;Cyber-Physical Systems
Plan State Representation Using Heterogeneous Data SourcesKES-13 Workshop - Intelligent Systems Research Progress (ISRP-13)Debnath Mukherjee; Santa Maiti;Cyber-Physical Systems
Towards an augmented, scalable and personalized interface for paper textbooksAsia Pacific Computer Human Interaction APCHIVarun Kumar; Shirish Karande; Vijayanand Mahadeo Banahatti; Niranjan Pedanekar;ICT System
Participatory SensingDepartment of MCA, BMSITRajan M A;Cyber-Physical Systems
MobiDriveScore-A system for mobile sensor based driving analysis7th International Conf. on Sensing Technology, (ICST 2013)Arijit Chowdhury; Avik Ghose; Chirabrata Bhaumik; Tapas Chakravarty;Cyber-Physical Systems
Vehicular Accelerometry Enables Intelligent SensingIEEE CAS Lecture SeriesTapas Chakravarty;Cyber-Physical Systems
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