TCS’ Knowledge Ecosystem Solution


Organizations today need a multi-dimensional perspective across lines of business as well as functional areas.  They need platforms which facilitate collaboration in its many forms, such as person-to-person, systems-to-persons and systems-to-systems collaboration. It is also essential for organizations to realize the necessity of bringing in an element of enjoyment amongst employees at the workplace.  


To address these requirements, TCS’ Knowledge Ecosystem Solution provides best of breed social networking patterns blended with gamification elements. It is designed to be the single virtual workplace for your employees where they can connect with each other with an objective to realize the true collective potential of the enterprise and harness it's collective wisdom.
Key Benefits:
  • Connect people across the enterprise
  • Identify experts
  • Enable cross-pollination of ideas
  • Resolve issues through crows sourcing
  • Facilitate connection with leadership
  • Bridge the gap between systems of record and systems of engagement

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