Leading technology firm improves mean customer response times by 92.5% with an email analytics tool

TCS developed a tool that combined automation and analytics for emails to help a leading global technology firm streamline workflow processes, enhance productivity, and reduce the mean time to detect (MTTD) outage by 75% and the mean time to respond (MTTR) by 92.5%.

About the Client:
The client is one of the world's biggest software and services companies that offers
IT solutions to clients across the globe.

Business Challenge:
The company’s infrastructure support center, which manages over 150,000 servers globally, receives over 1,000 customer complaints, support queries, and other communications, every day. With increasing volumes every month, the support center was unable to meet the defined service levels. The lack of a system to track productivity and detect operational bottlenecks brought down support center efficiencies. The company needed a reliable solution to optimize its support center operations and enhance customer service, while reducing the strain on its people.

TCS’ Solution:
Using deep text mining and pattern-based analytics, TCS developed a tool for information extraction
using Natural Language Processing, which has multiple applications. Using automated content analysis, the tool is able to create clusters of emails about similar problems, and prioritize them.. 

TCS’ solution helped the technology firm achieve tangible benefits:

  • Quicker response time and improved control over SLA targets 
  • Faster issue detection: The company reduced the mean time taken to detect outage by 75%. 
  • Improved productivity and cost efficiency: Since the tool helped to accurately identify the utilization of analysts on the team, the company was able to reduce the team size by 10%.

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