Accelerate Your Digital API Program

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are enablers of an enterprise's business model transformation. They allow externalization of enterprise assets, thus paving the way for an open innovation ecosystem

Enterprise assets can include data, product functionalities, capabilities, and services that help to differentiate the enterprise in the marketplace. By extending the reach of their assets and leveraging their external partner and developer ecosystem, enterprises can create new products and services. A coherent API strategy will allow large companies to experiment with and develop APIs quickly, based on feedback and learning. Thus, APIs enable agility even in large organizations.

We have observed that older enterprises find the API route to digital transformation difficult. New businesses are 'digital by birth' and use APIs with ease. On the other hand, older businesses are just beginning to understand the value of investing in API programs.

This paper explores how enterprises should ideally manage an API program within the company for effective digital transformation. We believe a three-pronged approach that defines the strategy, operations, and change management processes will lead to smoother adoption of the API platform.

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