Getting more out of Internet of Things with Realtime Analytics

Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way people and businesses use devices. There will be exponential increase in the number of connected devices and businesses will have  to handle large quantities of data. This paper highlights how adding real-time analytics to the mix can enable organizations differentiate themselves.

IoT brings into play an extensive range of new devices, technologies, and connectivity scenarios. Real time analysis of the ensuing voluminous data helps identify bigger opportunities for businesses than those presented by the devices individually.

However, a real-time analytics system is much more than the ability to monitor the overall state of a user's connected world. The true vision of IoT is about being able to use this data to automatically improve performance and functions on an ongoing basis as highlighted in the below example.

Consider a smart home system with a television and thermostat connected to it. By harnessing data from both devices simultaneously, users can optimize their surroundings. For example, when the television is on in the living room, the temperature in the living room is adjusted automatically. The system can be set up in an office too. Information such as the current level of occupancy and employees’ work schedules, as well as data from devices can help optimize energy consumption.

In future, real-time analytics for IoT systems and platforms will become critical for businesses to differentiate themselves. It will not only help reduce operational costs, increase productivity, and optimize the use of resources, but also uncover new service and business opportunities, including smart energy applications and solutions to build smart homes, offices, and cities.

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