Insights from TCS Innovation Forum 2010 l Theme: Infrastructure Simplification and Transformation

Most CIOs inherit a painful legacy. For instance, do you know how many servers, operating systems, platforms and applications constitute your IT infrastructure? How soon can you perform an impact analysis if you want to introduce one more technology? Are your systems duplicating effort, inefficient and difficult to use? Not just you, or your CIO, but very few IT heads or CIOs would have clear answers to any of these questions.

Ageing IT infrastructures that have become unwieldy and brittle are among the top concerns for CIOs in every industry. Getting IT infrastructure to meet dynamic business needs with agility, efficiency and security is a challenge. So how are CIOs tackling this? And what are some new technologies and tools used to transform complex infrastructures? This is what TCS Innovation Forum 2010 (the US edition: Cambridge, MA and the UK edition: London) set out to explore. The panelists and participants in this forum came from diverse areas of the IT innovation landscape, leading to many new perspectives and approaches to the issue.

We present here nuggets from the knowledge and experience that these experts shared around the theme of simplification. We are sure that these will arm you in handling the complexity challenge.

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