Intelligent Cities: A City Process Management Approach

A well-balanced future city  is one that can optimally use its resources and infrastructure to serve the needs of its citizens and businesses. Major trends in urbanization and demographics can create massive and complex problems for governments. We need a new holistic approach to address these challenges.




There are some key trends that are influencing the way future cities will evolve. Each of these trends is complex and will impact the way we live and the way the future cities develop. Some of this impact is the result of the evolution of modern society, while some of it is adaptation to meet the challenges of these mega trends such as:

  • Rapid Urbanization
  • Aging Population and Related Problem of Chronic Diseases
  • Ever-changing Needs for Skills and Competencies
  • Employability
  • Pervasiveness of Information Technology

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a potential tool that can be used to meet these challenges.

In this white paper, we have presented the SMU-TCS iCity approach which proposes a novel solution for intelligent future cities. This approach named City Process Management (CPM), will help cities move from a technology-centric (smart) level to an intelligent (people-centric) level, thereby improving the Quality of Life (QoL).

This paper discusses in detail the mega trends, new ways of thinking, how the citizens can participate, CPM as a framework for the future, disease management, using CPM approach to manage continuous education and many more. We have also introduced the key concepts of 'avatar', and lifelong themes which are fundamental to understanding this approach. 

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