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Chemical and Process Industry (CPI) Solutions


TCS can help you stay ahead of the competition in an ever-changing chemical and process industry (CPI). Leverage our range of enterprise solutions, especially tailored for your business, geographies and functions, to speed up new product introduction and incorporate long-term sustainability.

We empower you to use our processes, business, technology and engineering consulting approaches to focus on the product design / development, manufacturing and post-manufacturing phases of your operations.

Avail a full spectrum of CPI solutions including the following:

  • Business solutions: Customize a range of enterprise solutions to your business needs and reengineer your processes to create an efficient, lean organization that is compliant with TPM, TQM, JIT and Kanban.
  • Technology solutions: Leverage our plant-wide environmental compliance and eco-sustainability assessments to create your risk mitigation plan, monitor strategies and implement enterprise compliance. Utilize our end-to-end lifecycle assessments for your products to enhance them further.
  • Outsourcing solutions: Depending on your strategy accounting, context and structure preferences regarding outsourced versus retained processes, select and implement application management solutions, using TCS’ Global Network Delivery ModelTM and deep domain expertise.

 The TCS Advantage:

  • Our solutions span the entire spectrum of the CPI – product design and development, manufacturing and post-manufacturing.
  • TCS’ CPI Center of Excellence (CoE) focuses on innovative business applications in the CPI, be it infotainment platforms, remote diagnostics, mobility or social media analytics.
  • Our comprehensive enterprise process models comprise global best practices and metrics to optimize the performance of your value chain.

 Key Benefits:

  • Value chain cost reduction: Discover high business value with our services:
    • Lean manufacturing
    • Capability enhancement
    • Process optimization
    • Plant automation
  • Economical supply chain modification: Get tools that enable you to analyze the following:
    • Asset utilization
    • Supply chain robustness
    • A range of “what-if” scenarios
  • Track-and-trace functionality: Leverage our RFID applications, together with GPS technologies, to monitor the movement of hazardous material, container storage conditions in transit and at a warehouse, and deploy incident management system.
  • Creation of environmentally sustainable solutions: Build more environment-friendly solutions by letting us examine your carbon footprints and integrate your energy data. 
  • Assured environmental regulations and compliance: Reduce the possible adverse environmental impact of your business and make your processes resource-efficient, hazard-free and easily traceable to avoid non-compliance penalties and lawsuits. 
  • Responsive decision making:
    • Improve your management decision making
    • Enhance your day-to-day operations
    • Design an insightful strategy with MES-based “shop to top floor” connectivity
  • Faster introduction and development of products: Introduce and develop new and existing products in significantly less time and at lower costs.