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Cloud-based Energy Management Analytics (CBEMA) Solution


With Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of things (IoT) witnessing a growing popularity across industries, home automation and home energy services have seen a  positive impact. With the emergence of innovative connected devices and home energy management systems, consumers are demanding the control and management of energy consumption. Given this shift in consumer attitude, it is imperative that consumer device manufacturers, utility companies and facility management firms make energy consumption information available in real-time to enable consumers to gain insight into their usage patterns and make informed decisions on energy usage.

End-users and enterprises find it difficult to effectively analyze huge volumes of energy consumption data obtained from various sources including end-user appliances, hampering their ability to gauge consumption or act on instances of energy leakage. They feel the growing need to integrate predictive analytics to not only predict future usage based on the available data but also spot trends and potential problems.

To address these needs, TCS’ Cloud-based Energy Management Analytics (CBEMA) solution connects high energy consuming devices to an M2M cloud via a gateway device, helping read data at a pre-configured frequency. Comprising real-time analytics and dashboards, it enables you to view, track and monitor the energy usage of end-user appliances. What’s more, it can be integrated with web mapping services applications and even provides mobile interfaces to enable anytime, anywhere connectivity.

TCS’ CBEMA solution provides a consolidated view of energy consumption data from deployed devices. It utilizes a TCS developed integrated home gateway through which users can access, manage and control digital entertainment devices, both Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) compliant as well as non-DLNA devices over the cloud. In addition, our customized reports, snapshots and notes empower you to identify trends and make informed decisions, resulting in enhanced user experience.


  • Dynamic dashboards for consumers, facility management and utility companies. Consumers can monitor and control energy consumption more effectively, facility companies can control consumption and manage facilities better, and utility companies can conduct various types of analysis, such as demand analysis, needs analysis and what-if analysis.
  • Integration of predictive analytics allows you to estimate potential energy usage and associated cost savings.
  • A cloud-based infrastructure and mobile interface offer the flexibility to help you address the need for anytime, anywhere availability, and seamless and rapid scalability.
  • In-memory capabilities of analytics software help you create dashboards quicker and view instantaneous change of data points, facilitating near real-time decision making.
  • Utilization of TCS developed integrated gateway empowers you to access, manage and control DLNA as well as non-DLNA devices over the cloud, using secure and authenticated credentials.
  • Integration capabilities enable you to connect smart appliances or end devices from different vendors as opposed to using devices only from specific manufacturers.

The TCS Advantage

  • Innovative smart home solutions: The amalgamation of our home automation solutions and M2M portfolio expertise, which includes smart metering, DLNA, integrated gateways and smart energy analytics
  • Domain and technology expertise: The unique convergence of domain, technology, connectivity, cloud, analytics, mobility and engineering expertise, enriched by our alliances and partner ecosystem
  • Single ownership capabilities: The ability to undertake single solution ownership by leveraging our partnerships in the complex M2M ecosystem, including those with device manufacturers, cloud platform providers and enterprise software players to provide solutions best suited to business needs
  • Global network of innovation labs: The ready access to new technology areas, our globally spread network of labs equipped with superior development and testing tools, and support infrastructure provide “on demand” access to innovation and creativity