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Co-Innovation Network (COIN™)



TCS Research & Innovation follows a formalized and mature innovation process to identify and develop a full spectrum of solutions to keep clients ahead in their sectors: from ‘derivative’ innovations to ‘platform’ and ‘disruptive’ innovations. To ensure that TCS Research & Innovation has a 360-degree view of the innovation landscape, the company has forged collaborative partnerships, bringing together several groups of experts across the research, academic, start-up and corporate worlds. This is enabled through the TCS Co-Innovation Network (COIN™).

COIN™ is anchored at TCS Innovation Labs and encompasses entities such as academic institutions, start-up companies, venture funds, multi-lateral organizations and key clients to bring forth true synergies. We have a well articulated innovation sourcing strategy with broad and holistic goals, and flexible processes to manage the richness and diversity of our COIN™ partners.