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Connected Devices Management Platform


Telecommunication service providers are constantly under pressure to lower the cost of operations while enhancing efficiencies. A unified view of their operations through integration of the platform with various systems is one of their primary requirements along with a need to improve customer experience by implementing effective management tools. They find remote help more convenient than in-home or in-store servicing. With our Connected Devices Management Platform, you can resolve your operational as well as technical challenges without compromising on the rising expectations of your end-consumers or enterprise customers. 

Our Solution

Your customers use a number of end-devices such as ADSL modems, Routers, Switches, IP set-top boxes, Femtocells , VOIP devices, IP Cameras, PON/GPON (Passive/Gigabit Passive Optical Network) devices, PTP/PMP (Point to Point and Point to Multi Point) CPEs. You can leverage multi-vendor management capabilities of CDM Platform based on the Broadband Forum TR-069 standard and other TR-family standards along with SNMP and CLI/Telnet/SSH support to
enable Secure, Policy Driven, yet personalized remote provisioning, activation, management, configuration and diagnostics of multiple IP devices along with network BTSs & Access Nodes.

The system simplifies the entire service life cycle of connected devices ranging from deployment to on-going management and support. You can remotely provision end devices as well as network nodes and activate them automatically, eliminating manual work. You can improve your operational efficiency across various processes by reducing the time you take to troubleshoot and by resolving problems efficiently with our built-in system intelligence.

The platform is being developed with the road-map to enable M2M communications management for homes and enterprises.


  • Enhance customer experience: Delight your customer by offering excellent quality of services and quick customer support. Improve the satisfaction level of your customers and reduce customer churn using real-time CPE diagnostics for Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). Save credits for platinum customers by proactively monitoring KPIs and the SLAs. Link your customer experience effort with programs such as device management as an ROI-based strategic initiative.
  • Improve efficiency: View simplified & real-time inventory of CPEs and network nodes - On geo map & with relevant CRM data. Alert your CSRs of any deviation in the behavior of CPE with right set of tools and knowledge of customer’s device. Create and enforce policies across multiple devices in bulk. Automate your order fulfilment & service assurance to reduce Time-to-Configure & Time-to-Resolve.
  • Reduce operational cost: Reduce the cost of device support by providing prior intelligence to your customer care team. Proactively troubleshoot and repair any problem related to configuration, software delivery, firmware updates, and provisioning of the end device. Extend Self-Help tools & manageability to customers to reduce field visits. Thus reduce the entire cost involved in reverse inventory of devices up to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). This also helps you significantly decrease the number of field visits to troubleshoot end device.

The TCS Advantage

Our Connected Devices Management Platform directly impacts more than 15 level-two processes in various areas such as product assessment, activation, configuration, Quality of Service (QoS), troubleshooting and problem management, and customer experience.

TCS enables enhancement in customer experience factors such as customer’s perception of order fulfillment, service quality, service assurance, Self-care and facilitates a positive impact on more than 15 percent of overall 240 experience drivers as per #TCS Propriety CEM Framework.

We provide definite savings of 30-40 percent through operating expense (OPEX) reduction and additional benefits through process automation.

The key characteristics that set our CDM Platform apart are:

  • Adaptability: ability to address our customers’ needs closely.
  • Uniformity: a single system for current and future needs of end-consumers, enterprises as well as your own network.
  • Customer experience: ability to address strategic needs of customer experience management.
  • Usability: seamless integration with telecom operators’ IT system, something that is not always effective with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products.
  • Flexibility: capability to take into account varying operating models of our customers.