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Hosted OSS/BSS Order Management and Provisioning Solution


TCS’ Hosted OSS/BSS Order Management and Provisioning (OMP) Solution supports the entire fulfillment lifecycle to complete your sales process most effectively and efficiently. Our product is a rule –driven order decomposition and orchestration engine, which provides comprehensive order visibility throughout the entire fulfillment lifecycle, including spawned processes and sub-processes.

Built on core Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) principles, the OSS/BSS OMP solution enables the integration with target systems to be agnostic of synchronous or asynchronous interface mechanisms, thereby providing immense integration flexibility. 

In the process of transitioning into a complete ICT services provider, organizations need to overcome various business challenges. Apart from causative factors such as integration issues, disparate data models and complex assurance issues, the primary challenge is design and execution of offers, which causes a delay in the offer launch. Order execution challenges largely stem out of service-centric applications and fragmented processes, increasing the time taken to test products across complex OSS and BSS landscapes. 


  • Order Dispatcher decomposes the order bag into manageable orderliness.
  • Order Orchestration Manager provides the framework for tracking, tracing and monitoring of orders received from different sources.
  • Provisioning Manager takes care of generating requests to be sent to the various provisioning platforms.
  • Activation Manager is responsible for activating services in the network systems through object abstraction and service design.
  • OMP Fallout Manager ensures that every order placed, is tracked all the way to closure.
  • OMP SLA Manager monitors SLA breaches across the entire fulfillment lifecycle.  


  • Improved time-to-market through pre-integrated offer configuration and order execution, enabling time to realize revenues
  • Reduced order fallout by ensuring pre-defined and pre-tested fulfillment processes, enabling improved costs to realize revenues
  • Deployment / process reconfiguration without additional operational costs, improving operational efficiencies
  • Order visibility and tracking across the lifecycle, ensuring the appropriate communication and SLA management
  • Operational metrics and KPIs managed through superior dashboard and reporting engine, helping in continual improvement of operations and associated costs.

 The TCS Advantage:

  • Pay-as-you-use model: This model eliminates capital expenditure and allows you to pay on the basis of a subscription model for the hardware, software and professional services that you use.
  • Platform-as-a-Service model: This “plug-and-play” option allows you to implement and get started without any delays.
  • Buy-as-you-grow model: We help you scale up operations on the basis of actual needs and buy as you grow, adopting new business models for your growing business needs
  • Anytime, anywhere, secure data: We protect your data by providing the service through private cloud-based infrastructure, ensuring data security through multiple security-layers with authorized, secure, anytime-anywhere data access.