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Hosted OSS/BSS Revenue Management System



In today's competitive telecom market place, efficient monetization and maximization of revenue streams are important requisites for industry players. Revenue management has evolved from a basic billing and accounting function into a competitive differentiator. As revenues stagnate and low margins severely impact financial goals, enterprises are in need of a 3GPP compliant platform that transforms traditional charging and billing models, and establishes new revenue streams. 

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) offers a Hosted OSS/BSS (HOBS) Revenue Management System (RMS) to address these needs comprehensively. The system includes features such as pricing management, rating and charging, credit limit management, invoicing, payments, collections, and general ledger integration for telecom service providers. The solution supports revenue management across multiple payment methods and business models, thereby negating the need for siloed applications.




To improve revenue management, organizations must first deal effectively with certain critical business challenges. Revenue Management requirements in the postpaid and pre-paid scenarios of retail and enterprise domains differ significantly. Due to the recent adoption of 3GPP standards, as well as evolving payment scenarios, the payment processes for postpaid and pre-paid plans across retail and enterprise domains are rapidly converging into a single revenue management function. Additionally, in a world of evolving network technologies and services, maintaining and enhancing customer  relationships is critical for a telecom services provider. Irrespective of payment methods adopted, great customer relationships can be effectively monetized. A vibrant eco-system of partners, carriers, and suppliers has become an integral part of effective monetization, and revenue management applications can assist you in managing such complex revenue chains.

TCS Hosted OSS/BSS RMS comes with comprehensive features built around definition, capture, and management of revenue across complex telecommunication business requirements. Our RMS is a convergent application across network technologies, services, business models, and payment methods. It enables you to monetize relationships by providing flexible billing schemes, pro-active credit management, and debt/receivables management across multiple customer segments.

Our Solution

TCS Hosted OSS/BSS RMS supports retail, enterprise, and wholesale business segments. The solution enables convergence of retail and enterprise payment processes through multi-level hierarchy management, charge/discount sharing, as well as budget and cost center management. The solution helps rating and billing managers with pricing management, event management, real-time rating, balance management and promotions. It also facilitates credit limit management, caters to both pre-paid and postpaid services for balance/validity management, and integrates with all associated components like notifications, payments, billing, CRM, and order management to trigger appropriate actions. The Collections module enables accounts receivable teams to manage debt ageing and collections scheduling, and take appropriate actions across IT systems, networks, and customer communications. In addition, the Interconnect Billing (ICB) module enables differential rate plans based on usage, configures distance slabs and time slabs, and facilitates easy reconciliation of interconnect charges between operators.


TCS Hosted OSS/BSS RMS provides effective customer experience management and revenue monetization across complex enterprise hierarchies that results in the following benefits:

  • Flexibility in Revenue Monetization: The solution provides a range of parameters that enable you to structure the revenue management process to your needs. It also offers comprehensive revenue management capabilities around charging, invoicing, collections, and accounting. It enables both proactive and reactive credit management through credit limit monitoring and receivables management.
  • Improved Revenue Realization: The solution drives real-time calculation of charges and reduces time to realize revenues irrespective of the nature of connections, such as pre-paid or postpaid.
  • Time to Market: Our pre-integrated and easy-to configure modules optimize deployment and ensure speed, agility, flexibility, and scalability across convergent services.
  • Reduced Cost of Operations: Achieve lower cost through increased automation and reduction of errors.

The TCS Advantage

Our extensive domain understanding makes us the ideal partner of choice for your e-commerce requirements. In addition, our focused services in non-functional testing, combined with our ability to deliver testing services in iterative or agile methods, enable faster time-to-market for you. We leverage our global network to deliver high quality, affordable services with the following advantages:

  • Pay-as-you-Use model: This model eliminates capital expenditure and offers a subscription model for your hardware, software, and professional services. We help you to scale operations based on actual needs and make investments to match your growing business.
  • Platform-as-a-Service model: This plug-and-play option allows you to implement and get started without any delay.
  • Anytime, Anywhere, Secure data: We protect your data by providing the service through private cloud based infrastructure, and ensure data security through multiple security-layers with authorized, secure, and anytime- anywhere data access.