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Hosted OSS / BSS


The only constant in the telecom industry is the customer's demand for the best services at

the most competitive prices. Additionally, a plethora of next generation technological

advances compel industry players to focus on continuous innovation, while new entrants

further complicate market dynamics. All of these challenges demand better optimization of

assets. Telecom operators need Operations Support Systems and Business Support

Systems (OSS/BSS) that ensure growth and sustainability.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) offers a robust and unified Hosted OSS/BSS Solution (HOBS) designed to help service providers manage go-to-market initiatives and maximize revenue goals. The solution combines business process and IT services, as well as commercial-off-the shelf (COTS) products, with TCS’ solutions, infrastructure, and data centers. This results in enhanced services roll-out, operational efficiency, and agility for telecom service providers.


Players in the telecom industry face constant technological changes, portfolio expansions, and evolving offerings and business models. These new trends have resulted in high capital and operational expenditures with associated unpredictability of return on investment (ROI) in IT infrastructure, making it difficult to maintain profitability. Inability to launch new products and services quickly causes opportunity losses and results in delayed realization of revenues. Inadequate technological capacity limits a service provider’s ability to facilitate a quick and error-free new customer on-boarding process, thereby further impacting the enterprise's revenue potential. Moreover, ongoing system integration initiatives with multiple IT and operations partners, with no single partner being responsible for end-to-end SLAs, lead to poor performance monitoring and reporting. To achieve greater customer satisfaction and retain a competitive edge, service providers seek to ensure continuous product improvements, quick product launches, hassle-free transactions, efficient service, and positive customer experience.

TCS Hosted OSS/BSS Solution has been designed to address these challenges and provide enhanced service rollout, efficiency, and agility to your organization’s operations. The solution includes a pre-integrated suite of hardware and OSS/BSS applications, as well as pre-modeled business processes that are aligned to various industry standards such as eTOM, ITIL, etc. and delivered against committed business SLAs.

Our Solution

TCS HOBS is an end-to-end but modular application built with a next generation mindset to solving business-driven IT challenges. The solution helps service providers focus on core business growth and addresses varied needs in innovative ways. It facilitates greenfield service providers in launching products and services quickly, and enables large service providers to meet their growth aspirations by transforming from legacy to flexible yet standard solutions. The solution also aids medium and small scale providers in experimenting with new services and business models without incurring large upfront investments or impacting the current IT landscape.TCS HOBS leverages our 55,000 person years of experience in working with service providers globally. The solution comprises a unique combination of infrastructure, application, and business processes in a flexible deployment model that includes hosted/in-premise and managed/as-a-service options.


TCS HOBS enables service providers to gain from:

  • Faster time-to-market: The solution comprises more than 25 pre-integrated applications and 100 pre-configured products in a deployment-ready stack with pre-defined business transactions, SLAs and KPIs, processes, and applications. All of this drastically reduces your time to launch.
  •  Increased agility: Scalable infrastructure to meet increasing capacity requirements insulate you from the complexities of hardware, software, licenses, and capacity planning and management.
  • Improved standardization: The solution is powered by over 300 eTOM compliant processes, combined with 100 SID compliant business services and ITIL v3.0 standards, ensuring alignment with industry-recognized technology best practices.
  • Lean operations: With over 28 pre-defined business SLAs and support across 100 standard SLAs, the solution ensures complete control and visibility into operations, thereby enhancing predictability, reliability, and future capacity planning.

The TCS Advantage

We continuously invest in our solution and incorporate evolving best practices. We add further value to the engagement with:

  • Pay-as-you-Use Model: An innovative model without any hidden costs or price escalations to help you reduce IT expenditure by at least 30 percent. You can eliminate capital expenditures and pay only for the hardware, software, and professional services that you use.
  • Platform-as-a-Service Model: This ‘plug -and-play’ feature facilitates faster deployment of applications and provides end-to-end SLA support with minimal or no IT staff assistance, thus enhancing reliability and efficiency. The delivery model protects you from technology obsolescence by providing frequent upgrades without incremental investment in getting or renewing technology licenses.
  • Build-as-You-Grow Model: We understand that as your business expands, your IT operations also need to grow. Whether using a few applications or an end to-end solution, we help service providers scale-up operations and adopt sophisticated business models for growing requirements.
  • Anytime, Anywhere, Secure Data: Our solution is hosted on private cloud based infrastructure and ensures data security through multiple security layers.