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Life Sciences Sales and Marketing Solutions


Enterprises, today, seek more efficient sales and marketing systems to keep pace with technological advancements, changing regulations, emerging sales models and the growing focus on patient centricity.

TCS’ comprehensive sales and marketing solutions and services for life sciences companies help you integrate your sales and marketing processes, resulting in enhanced customer understanding, marketing channel visibility and improved sales force effectiveness.

With a special focus in the areas of digital marketing, social collaboration, mobility, advanced analytics and cloud computing, we provide solutions to address your needs:

  • Listening Platform: This enables you to leverage information available in various unstructured data sources.
  • Connected Marketing Solutions: We bring you various digital marketing solutions under the umbrella of Connected Marketing Solutions. This includes vCONNECT, a digital marketing platform for executing and managing marketing initiatives, and CubbuZZ, a social networking promotions platform.
  • Customer MDM Accelerator: This provides you with a proven methodology and a framework, consisting of pre-built components including a data model and business rules for accelerating the implementation of sales and marketing MDM.
  • iMedizen: This is a mobile application for patients using prescription medicines.


We bring you the following IT-aligned business benefits:

  • Better customer insights
  • Optimized and maximized sales force field-time
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities
  • Increased channel visibility

TCS differentiates its engagement with its rich experience across the life sciences industry value chain: Benefit from our global experience and insights gained over two decades of working with leading enterprises in this industry.