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Life Sciences Solutions


Companies, today, are confronted with rising R&D costs, dwindling new drug pipelines, patent expiries, fierce competition and stricter norms on patient safety, all posing new challenges and affecting the bottom-line.

TCS offers solutions across the value chain that will not only help you overcome these challenges but also seek and realize new opportunities.

We offer a full services play across the entire life sciences value chain.

  • Advancing clinical trial efficiencies
  • Accelerating drug discovery
  • End-to-end product development for medical devices
  • Maximizing manufacturing productivity
  • Improving sales and marketing effectiveness
  • IT and IS Services
  • Outsourcing solutions


We help you retain your competitive advantage by working with you for the following:

  • Enhancing R&D productivity
  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Minimizing costs
  • Improving supply chains
  • Tapping new markets
  • Strengthening relationships with partners
  • Adapting to market changes quickly
  • Seeking new opportunities proactively

The TCS Advantage

Seven of the global top ten pharmaceutical companies and six of the global top ten medical device companies derive their competitive advantage from our domain understanding and full services play.