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STeP Certainty (Serialization, Traceability and e-Pedigree)


Companies operating in the Life Sciences industry, governments and industry associations are implementing mandated legislation that will protect the consumer from counterfeit products and allow the life sciences supply chain to better manage brand protection, protect diversion and revenue leakages.

Implementing these measures via drug serialization and track and trace mechanisms will ensure that the consumers / patients receive the highest level of healthcare products promised and deserved in a modern and fast changing world.

TCS’ STeP Certainty - Integrating extended supply networks

TCS’ STeP Certainty (Serialization, Traceability and e-Pedigree) offering addresses the strategic, tactical and operational aspects of the pharmaceutical supply chain requirement for product serialization and e-pedigree. Our solution helps you flexibly integrate extended supply networks and packaging vendors for serialization programs, efficiently in a flexible and agile manner, balancing between the needs of multiple countries and legislation. By meeting regulatory requirements and the requisite anti-counterfeiting standards, you can also enhance your market share by bringing products of genuine quality into the market.

Solution Benefits

TCS’ STeP Certainty solution provides you with the following benefits:

  • Higher levels of patient safety
  • Enhanced brand protection
  • Rapid identification of product location for improved recall management
  • Elimination of potential errors from manual processes
  • Fulfilled electronic serialization, traceability and pedigree requirements
  • Minimized revenue leakages
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Assistance to enable the Customer Intimacy Program