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TCS Enterprise Information Fusion


A TCS study on global trends in Big Data indicates that 49% of organizational data is unstructured or semi- structured. Advancement of automation has led to a wide range of sensors which continuously produce volumes of data, which can be mined further for prediction.

Much of Big Data, generated communication, is non-numeric and subject to variations. Traditional database management fails to manage and mine this data because the volumes are large, the data is unstructured or semi-structured and the data surges are often unforeseen. Therefore, linking, matching, cleansing and transforming the data are essential because the embedded knowledge is strategic to the enterprise.

A real-time analysis of such Big Data allows company managements to identify and respond to intra and extra-organizational stakeholder needs and expectations.

TCS’ Enterprise Information Fusion is a Big Data analytics framework that fuses data from disparate, incongruous sources to allow organizations to handle multidimensional data with ease. It is based on advanced algorithms developed by the TCS Innovation Labs in the areas of data harmonization, entity resolutions, and information fusion.

The framework is versatile and can be applied to the specific requirements of your industry or business. It addresses the three challenges of Big Data – volume, velocity and variety – at the fundamental level of data bytes, regardless of business domain.

TCS' Enterprise Information Fusion Framework can provide insights from Big Data, to help your business to unleash significant financial value from its worldwide operations and be future-ready.