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Case Study

ABB leverages TCS’ expertise for SAP-enabled global business transformation initiative


As ABB grew globally with acquisitions, its operations became increasingly distributed, lacking standardization in business processes and systems. Regional and local regulatory mandates required ABB to comply with a wide range of financial management and reporting directives, thereby calling for greater control and visibility into processes and the ability to track performance and gain oversight of financial records.

The Need: Harmonizing Key Functions

To get more return from its IT and people investments, ABB recognized that it must harmonize its key finance and accounting (F&A) and HR processes and synchronize its highly decentralized operations.

The TCS Partnership

ABB chose TCS as one of its strategic partners in a global transformation initiative that focused on three support functions - F&A, HR and information systems (IS). TCS successfully supported the standardization of ABB’s operations and the implementation of ERP systems in multiple countries / regions, resulting in reduced operational costs, lower maintenance and support investments and, most critically, greater agility to collaborate across regions.