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Case Study

TCS helps the Andhra Pradesh Government implement NREGA effectively


National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) is India’s flagship socially relevant program to combat poverty. It guarantees the right to employment for the rural poor. The Andhra Pradesh (AP) government wanted to implement the scheme in the state and realized that a transparent and accountable system with IT-led execution at the grassroot level would go a long way in ensuring its success.


TCS’ NREGA framework, an end-to-end ICT solution, has successfully automated the AP government’s rural employment guarantee scheme. A web-based data center aids in the monitoring and review of the scheme on a continuous basis.

TCS’ ICT solution provided the AP government with the following benefits:

  • Transparency and visibility of all transactions to all stakeholders
  • Increased accountability since all the details of personnel and officials involved are available on the system
  • Reduction in fraud by effectively blocking all possible leakages within the system
  • Reduction of effort and administrative costs with the use of IT and automation wherever possible
  • Accurate and faster wage payments, with automation and biometric authentication
  • Effective program monitoring, through the centralization of data and generation of MIS reports