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Case Study

A Leading Credit Rating and Research Agency enhances data collection with an automation solution


TCS developed an automatic solution for a leading credit rating and research agency to manage large data volumes from disparate sources, improving efficiency and ensuring regulatory compliances

About the client
The client is a leading credit rating and research agency with a presence in more than 30 countries, employing over 9,000 people. It plays a key role in the global capital market, ensuring minimal risks and informed decision-making through its credit ratings services, financial research and insights.

Business Scenario
The credit policy and rating group regularly solicited feedback from registered users on the company websites on proposed changes to the existing credit rating methodologies or on new methodologies. Users were typically required to respond to the proposed credit rating methodology changes within 30 days. All this data was manually collated and used in the company's internal review process. Some of the responses were also selected for publication on the company website. This process was cumbersome, affecting costs, time, and accuracy. The company realized that it needed to automate the process of data evaluation to boost efficiency.

The credit rating agency decided to partner with TCS because of the latter's consulting expertise and experience in
automation solutions.

TCS’ Solution
By conducting a comprehensive assessment of the business scenario, TCS gained a holistic perspective of the organization's challenges. An effective solution was formulated and recommended to capture and integrate data from heterogeneous sources. Pentaho Data Integration was chosen due to its multiple connectivity options, ease of development, and cost effective data integration capabilities. All the challenges and limitations of the existing manual processes were addressed with this solution.

Key Benefits
With an efficient automated process, the credit rating agency is able to access processed data from the latest vendor source files in near real-time. This has helped analysts as well as the management make relevant business decisions. The agency now ensures error-free processing of multi-lingual data from varied sources.