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Case Study

A leading digital media company achieves 23 percent growth in advertising revenue with effective targeting


TCS helps a leading global web services company consolidate the visitor information available on multiple platforms into a single user profile, for more effective ad targeting.

About the client
TCS' client is a US-based global web services company and a leading publisher and producer of digital content. It owns and operates a large and diverse network of branded web properties, serving premium digital content such as
video, news, programming and advertising to millions of people worldwide and across various platforms.

Business Scenario
The client wanted to consolidate all the information it had about its visitors across various platforms into a single user profile and use it for effective ad targeting. A single source of information to provide insight into customer behavior and
demographics, as well as impressions, clicks, ad placement and campaign performance, could help the company better engage with both advertisers and consumers.

The company selected TCS to develop this solution, given the latter's deep analytical skills and global experience in helping clients transform their marketing functions.

TCS Solution
The TCS team used an open source technology framework to develop and maintain data marts quickly and cost effectively. A consolidated data mart from various third party sources was then created and linked to the company's internal data systems to get better business insights and change the way data was being viewed.

The new solution provided the company's sales team with a complete view of user behavior across multiple platforms. It helped the company analyze raw clickstream data from the company's owned and operated web properties, to understand browsing behavior at the individual user level. It also provided details of smartphone usage behavior from click-through web traffic and third-party sources for owned and operated web properties as well as mobile apps. The data from app stores provided details about active apps and helped the company achieve better ad inventory pricing. Social media feedback data enabled decision making related to digital content and applications.

Key Benefits
TCS’ Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics solution has helped the digital media company grow exponentially, by reimagining the way it viewed data and helping unlock the power of data analytics to drive business growth. Targeted advertising has resulted in more efficient campaign development and more effective use of advertising resources.