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Case Study

TCS Helps A Leading Human Capital Management Company Achieve Complete Payroll Taxation Efficiency Through Process Improvements


A leading human capital management company faced challenges in completing its payroll outsourcing customers’ quarter- and year-end payroll taxation successfully. This began affecting customer satisfaction considerably. To address this growing concern, it partnered with TCS.


Our experts introduced multiple changes in the company’s payroll taxation system - CNET Tax Core, which holistically helped the company achieve efficiency and future readiness for tax filing. Today, the team files quarter- and year-end taxes smoothly and efficiently and enjoys great customer delight.

The Customer: TCS’ customer is a global product and services company delivering trusted results and transformative Human Capital Management (HCM) technology. Its offerings comprise payroll, benefits, tax services, compliance and human resources including employee assistance programs.

Business Challenge:
As a global leader in payroll outsourcing, year- and quarter-end tax processing form the most critical part of our client’s business. Complete compliance with state as well as federal regulations for payroll taxation is mandatory for the success of the company’s business. However, its CNET payroll system needed certain area specific enhancements in order to ensure compliance with the prescribed criteria defined by the state agencies. And existing issues with delivery and delayed tax filing posed the risk of customer dissatisfaction.

In a bid to resolve these multiple problems, the company chose to work with an offshore vendor. Though this engagement appeared to be cost effective initially, processes were not streamlined and work was conducted on an ad-hoc basis. Additionally, the CNET TAX Core product development cycles were not organized and the lack of structured processes in the development cycle eventually affected delivery. The initiative’s failure became evident when year- and quarter-end processing was not complete and work requests were not delivered on schedule.

The company realized the need for a more mature and process-oriented partner with expertise in delivering long-term and reliable results. The company selected TCS for its strong and successful delivery model and experience in providing effective solutions to global leaders.

TCS’ Solution:
As part of the consulting engagement, TCS’ team of experts conducted a detailed analysis and outlined a strategy to accommodate the dynamic requirements of the client’s business team.

Our holistic solution – focused on redefining the deployment processes and streamlining the delivery cycle – addressed these issues aptly. We worked in collaboration with the client team to make the delivery process smooth and more reliable. The workload during quarter- and year-end cycles was enormous and different business work requests needed to be managed simultaneously. Our team introduced a systematic approach to work request releases and deployments by adopting relevant baselines and deployment priorities in line with our client’s dynamic business needs.

We introduced changes to enhance the delivery cycle and streamline processes:

  • Restricting the development cycle to 90 days
  • Redefining the term “user” in the business requirement document
  • Utilizing the SharePoint portal to provide visibility into tracking
  • Defining severity levels for action items 
  • Establishing the practice of appointing an action owner for every open item
  • Introducing the concept of flexible team with training opportunities for all staff members to support year- and quarter-end high volumes

The TCS team worked proactively with the client’s leadership team to review the metrics data for every development cycle on a monthly basis, identifying specific trends and problem areas to channelize efforts in the right direction. Our leadership team also met with managers from the company’s customer organizations to address any concerns immediately, thus ensuring no compromise was made in the delivery quality and schedule.

When the engagement began, the time for year-end tax filing was fast approaching. The TCS team needed to take over the project from the previous vendor after completing knowledge transfer. Recognizing the needs of the situation, we scaled up our proposed team, enabling our client to effectively and seamlessly address its customers’ needs.

Faced with a multitude of different demands, the company’s pending action item count had increased due to the lack of a process-oriented development methodology. We assisted the client’s team to implement a robust process model with a 90-day release cycle and clearly defined severity levels. This has helped the company adopt a more structured approach to action items – assigning an action owner to each action item to inculcate a sense of ownership and accountability in the group. Leveraging this model, our client has achieved assured delivery of a superior quality.

The change request system has been streamlined. The client team now has more visibility into tracking work requests using the SharePoint portal implemented by the TCS team.

TCS’ flexible team model brings in dynamic support to the payroll application during quarter- and year-end processing. A direct outcome of our commitment to superior delivery, this has enhanced our client’s business continuity. The training we imparted has helped build the application knowledge base - members of the client team are fully informed about diverse filing processes and well equipped to take up any tasks during the critical year-end processing.
The strategic changes proposed by our experts with regard to processes and operations have ensured that customers’ tax filing across multiple states is conducted smoothly, without delay or errors.

With streamlined process, clearly identified responsibilities and well-defined action items and code delivery, the client team now files quarter- and year-end payroll taxation efficiently, resulting in enhanced customer delight.