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Case Study

TCS provides real-time business research capabilities to a global professional services firm


TCS provides real-time business research capabilities to a global professional services firm enabling it to focus on strategic issues related to business development, live consulting projects and thought leadership.

The Customer: TCS’ customer is one of the largest accounting and consulting firms in the world and provides a range of professional, industry-focused assurance, tax and advisory services to enhance value for its clients. The firm counts a majority of the world’s largest companies among its clients.

Business Challenge:
The customer’s business research team supports its business development efforts, live consulting projects and thought leadership initiatives. The firm found that its needs for research talent came at a high price. Sometimes requests had to be turned down due to the lack of capacity within the team. The firm felt the need for a more reliable, flexible and cost-effective model to support its business research needs. It decided to partner with TCS for business research services on the basis of a successful pilot project. It was already aware of TCS’ research capabilities since TCS has been its partner for its research and analysis functions. 

TCS’ Solution:
We assembled a team of analysts including quality analysts, to cater to the rapid response research requests that primarily focus on the following:

  • Business development
  • Live consulting projects
  • Thought leadership research support

Drawing on our Global Network Delivery Model™ (GNDM™), our team based in India works in two shifts to provide timely business research services. In addition, we have added a pay-per-use flexible model for up to 20% additional resources that the firm can tap into when necessary. We work as a virtual extension of the client’s research team and use databases such as ThomsonOne, Capital iQ, Gartner, LexisNexis, IDC, OneSource and Morningstar to provide high quality research services. With a focus on volumes, quality and turnaround time, the combined research team handles around twice the number of requests per month compared to that handled by the firm’s team prior to the TCS partnership. 

Today, we work as an extended arm of the US-based business research team. Our shift-work system has enabled all the US employees of the firm to interact directly with their counterparts in India, improving communication and the consequent quality of the deliverables. We have helped the firm expand the portfolio of research services offered internally.

Other benefits include the following:

  • A 40% lower blended cost of research services
  • Faster turnaround of projects, leading to higher internal customer satisfaction
  • Over 100% increase in the volume of research being handled, with 60% being handled by the TCS team
  • A customer satisfaction survey score of 91%
  • Quality rating of over 95% over the past six months

Customer Quote:
“The team always delivers on time and raises potential problems early enough so that we can address jointly.”
- Manager, Business Research