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Case Study

TCS Helps Rolls Royce Marine Implement a Supplier Development Program


TCS helped Rolls Royce Marine implement a Supplier Development Program by deploying its supply chain experts and quality consulting capabilities. This helped Rolls Royce Marine establish a closer collaborative relationship with its key suppliers, leading to higher supplier product quality.

The Customer: Rolls Royce Marine AS is a world leader in marine solutions, providing products, services and expertise to more than 30,000 vessels in the offshore, merchant, naval surface and submarine markets. The company is a subsidiary of Rolls Royce and has its main production sites in the Nordic region.

Business Scenario:
Rolls Royce faced several quality issues with its suppliers ranging from shipping of commodities without proper inspection to incorrect quantities and wrong parts being received at company stores. Rolls Royce Marine wished to adopt a suitable supplier development program to improve the quality orientation of its key suppliers and, hence, optimize their performance.

TCS’ Solution:
We, at TCS, assembled a team of supply chain experts led by our experienced domain knowledge consultants and conducted a supplier management process quality assessment. We also implemented the supplier development program that covered the following aspects:

  • Educating suppliers on ISO quality systems and prevention methods based on TQM, Kaizen, MSA and Gage R & R
  • Implementing an enterprise-wide plan of ISO certification 
  • Improving manufacturing processes at suppliers, with new jigs / fixtures
  • Implementing a 100% defects containment program

Key Benefits:

TCS helped Rolls Royce Marine establish a closer, more collaborative relationship with its key suppliers, leading to higher supplier product quality. Rolls Royce Marine has been able to achieve significant benefits from this program, such as improved quality, timely and reliable delivery and reduction in inventory-carrying costs.