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Case Study

TCS helps RSA transform its Personal Line Sales and Service processes


RSA Scandinavia wanted to replace its legacy systems to reduce costs and for easy maintenance. TCS provided a single application to replace all front-end solutions across its operations in Sweden and Denmark. Now, NFOS is a rich client application with service-oriented architecture to present a unified, sales-oriented view to the user with improved ability to cross-sell.

The Customer: The RSA Group is one of the world’s leading multinational insurance groups with a focus on general insurance. RSA is also one of the largest insurers in the Scandinavian region.

Business Scenario

RSA wanted to establish a common IT platform across the Nordic region, that could be developed and deployed at one go. An in-house initiative–Nordic Front Office Solution (NFOS) was started as part of the IT roadmap. This initiative required the partner to create a set of best practices for front-office data entry handling to be incorporated into the common Nordic system. This initiative would enhance the efficiency of the front-end office operations and reduce information systems cost.

RSA chose TCS to be the implementation partner for this strategic program.

TCS’ Solution

TCS designed a solution, which incorporates a dynamic user interface rendering design that allows the application to be highly flexible and adaptable to business needs. The development of NFOS involved the design and deployment of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), which will act as the future conduit for all IT integration within RSA.

Key Benefits

RSA’s engagement with TCS provided the company with multiple benefits:

  • A 10-15% increase in Denmark sales after the NFOS implementation
  • Improved ability to cross-sell
  • Reduction in average call duration by 15 seconds
  • Reduction in average training duration by one day
  • Reduced operational costs with consolidation