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Case Study

US insurer improves agent productivity and customer experience by leveraging TCS’ Digital Insurance Agent


A large US insurer sought to improve its agent productivity and customer experience by leveraging a mobile app. TCS’ Digital Insurance Agent solution digitized the day-to-day activities of its insurance agents on a tablet and digitally empowered them with real-time integration to the CRM system in a single solution.

The Customer:
TCS' client is a Fortune 500 financial services company that provides insurance and financial solutions in the United States and internationally.

Business Challenge:
TCS’ client wanted to create a centralized repository of the most used apps, websites and tools for its wholesale agents who work with retail agents to increase sales of insurance products.

The iPad-based solution was to provide ‘on-the-go’ access to the repository and (SFDC) CRM system. It also needed to ensure that the app integrated with the company’s existing tools as well as any new apps and mobile-enabled websites that the company developed in the near future.

Experienced in implementing end-to-end enterprise mobile solutions at optimal costs, TCS was identified by the insurer as a partner for this engagement.

TCS’ Solution: 
We proposed the use of TCS' Digital Insurance Agent platform on which a comprehensive set of apps could be built and launched in a short period of time. Our solution’s intuitive user interface, scalable design that is built to accommodate future needs and a single sign-on facility for frequently used tools, websites and apps addresses the insurer’s key objectives.

We drew on the expertise of the TCS Innovation Lab – Insurance as well as consultants with experience on mobile technology throughout the engagement. We leveraged TCS’ proprietary tools to reduce the effort and defects in the implementation, while ensuring cost effectiveness and rapid execution through our onsite offshore model.

We went from conceptualization to go-live in less than five months and gained an enthusiastic response from early adopters.

Business Benefits:
The insurer witnessed an improvement in agents’ productivity as well as customer experience with TCS’ solution.

  • Wholesalers are now digitally empowered with a 360 degree view of customer data from SFDC CRM and multiple tools, apps and utilities offered through one single solution.
  • They can easily reach out to address all sales, services and support requirements in one session, thereby improving sales, resulting in a corresponding increase in revenues.
  • The client witnessed an app adoption rate of over 90% by its wholesalers.
  • The insurance giant is poised to transform itself into a mobile organization, extending its service through mobile devices for better reach and enhanced competitive edge.