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BNP Paribas recently launched 'Hello bank!', a digital bank initiative in Belgium, France, Germany and Italy

In this video, Frédéric Mahieu, Head of ADM, BNP Paribas Fortis, describes how TCS helped BNPP Fortis to develop and introduce Hello bank! in the Belgian Market.

Hello bank! is a key business program for BNP Paribas, which enables the bank to clearly position itself in the rapidly evolving segment of digital banking in Europe.

Experience results: 
Frédéric highlights TCS’ experience and attention in dealing with the customer experience aspect of the solution, which was of immense help to the bank. BNPP Fortis also benefited from TCS’ experience in the field of mobile banking software development.

Experience partnership:
Frédéric mentions how TCS was fully embedded in all the phases of the project. He also highlights that the teams worked in close interaction loops and were open to suggestions.

Experience leadership: 
Frédéric says that in this era of digital banks it is very important to be the first in the market. He acknowledges TCS’ help in launching the first digital bank in Belgium by BNPP Fortis.

TCS also helped BNPP Fortis learn from the 'process of delivery' and Frédéric hopes to extend this partnership in the area of mobile banking. He also remarks that BNPP Fortis has been learning with TCS from its earlier engagements as well.