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Client Experience: Strategic Sourcing and Business Innovation for Sony Pictures Entertainment

Rick Hopfer, Senior Vice President and CIO of Sony Pictures Entertainment, discusses the innovative ways TCS is helping transform his business. Sony Pictures Entertainment initially engaged TCS to handle routine maintenance work, but in the six years since the relationship began, the partnership has expanded to include project work. Using TCS’ research and development resources and media innovation labs, the companies are working together to solve technical challenges such as watermarking digital images that could eventually prove to be widely adopted by the industry. TCS has also developed an SOA framework for an SLA architecture that Sony is using for all its new applications and using a business to business intellectual property licensing agreement, TCS is now able to leverage that framework internally, as well as for other clients. It’s a partnership that is beneficial for both parties: since Sony engaged TCS, they have seen 95% of projects completed on-time and within budget, with “very good” or “excellent” ratings on all metrics.