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TCS helps Proximus achieve converged IT journey and improve IT systems availability.

In this video, Ivo Cools, CIO Proximus (a leading communication service provider in Belgium) explains how TCS has helped Proximus with improvement in major business processes such as provisioning, reduction in number of billing complaints, improvement in availability and resilience of IT systems, and improvement in customer satisfaction for front-end applications.

Proximus, a leading communication service provider in Belgium, is active in a fixed and mobile communications, voice, data, internet and entertainment approach its customers in a convergent way providing same experience everywhere.

Experience Results

Ivo Cools, CIO, Proximus said, We improved last year in major business processes. We improved together, availability and resilience, of our IT systems which is very important for our business and above all, we increased the satisfaction for front end applications to internal users.”   

Experience Partnership 

Ivo explained, “A couple of years ago, we had a major problem with one of our Siebel front end systems. We asked TCS to prepare before the contract ended to takeover this major important application up to the satisfaction of our internal users. TCS succeeded in putting this project back into the track and delivered with quality.” 

Experience Leadership 

He further added, “TCS, as a major global player with industry wide knowledge, is asked more regularly for advice in order to help with the strategic choices such as applications, tools and approaches. TCS played the major role in this converged IT journey for the last 16 years. We selected TCS on their industry knowledge, their growth mindset and ambition for quality.”