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Sanlam Life Insurance Ltd. partners with TCS to re-engineer its policy administration system

In this video, Sanlam Life Insurance Ltd’s senior executives describe how TCS has done a great job re-engineering its policy administration system by replacing an aging system. TCS was also instrumental in delivering a platform that will help Sanlam support and grow new businesses by demonstrating agility, expertise and partnership to achieve a single goal. 

Sanlam is a leading financial services group with its head office in Cape Town, South Africa, and its business functions spread across Africa, Europe, India, the USA and Australia. Sanlam provides financial solutions to individual and institutional clients. These include individual, group and short-term insurance, and personal financial services.


  • Hennie de Villiers, Chief Executive, Sanlam Individual Life and Segment Solutions
  • Bernard Manyatshe, Chief Information Officer, Sanlam Personal Finance (SPF)
  • Lizé Lambrechts, Chief Executive, Sanlam Personal Finance (SPF) 

Sanlam selected TCS as a strategic partner to re-write its policy administration system. TCS with its domain capability, agility and flexibility successfully replaced Sanlam’s outdated policy administrator system with a new platform to support Sanlam’s business objectives  and competitor positioning in the market.  

Experience Results:
The TCS-Sanlam relationship began ten years ago. The latest engagement was around the renewal of its policy administration platform. TCS was evaluated together with other suppliers and was found to be the best company to deliver what Sanlam wanted.

Sanlam’s senior executives highlight that they now have a platform they can rely on and one that is going to work for them for a long period of time. They commend TCS for renewing the platform and helping Sanlam drive its business objective better, because the renewed platform is very crucial and is the engine of its business.

Experience Partnership:
Sanlam found that TCS to be very cooperative, really responsive to its needs and helped Sanlam get what it wanted TCS to deliver.

“They worked hours and hours of overtime to deliver and also there was just an amazing thing of that this is our project and not it’s your project and that's what really worked for us.”
- Sanlam Personal Finance (SPF), Lizé Lambrechts, Chief Executive

 “There was no doubt that they wanted this project to succeed as much as we wanted to.”
- Sanlam Personal Finance (SPF), Bernard Manyatshe, Chief Information Officer

Experience Leadership:
Manyatshe highlights that TCS anticipated the issues and problems and was able to discuss those with Sanlam before they materialized. TCS also offered solutions to work together in order to meet the goals as against the problems and risks that could affect the project.

“TCS has done something new in our industry in the sense that all our competitors want to do what we have done and they have not even started, and we have just finished the project. So, to me, to renew the platform, the legacy platform, it was a first in that sense.”
- Sanlam Personal Finance (SPF), Bernard Manyatshe, Chief Information Officer