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TCS helps DNB gear up to meet the new banking reality

In this video, Kjetil Gudmundsen, EVP, Customer and Distribution Solutions, DNB and his team members describe how TCS is helping DNB to adapt to constantly changing customer behavior, meet customer expectations and complex industry regulations.

Excerpts from the video:

Experience results
Undis Gjevert, SVP, Distribution Solutions highlights how TCS helped DNB at the incident level to bring down their backlogs from three digits to a single digit for every week and even to zero for most of the week.

Jan Hansen, Transition and Transformation Lead, also mentions how TCS is stepping up in every way required by DNB.

Experience partnership
Rune Simensen, Program Manager, ADAM Sourcing, expresses his trust in the fact when DNB enters a new area or a project to work together, TCS will deliver.

Experience leadership
Kjetil mentions that TCS has identified several improvement areas and been very constructive working together with DNB to close the gaps. In the first phase of the engagement, DNB gained confidence with TCS and they decided to extend the scope of the project.