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Driving Operational Excellence in Reverse Logistics through effective business and IT strategies

Reverse Logistics is increasingly gaining prominence as a key business concern for manufacturers worldwide. Watch this webinar to gain viable insights from TCS, IDC and Oracle, on how reverse logistics has evolved over time into a critical area for manufacturers and how organizations can manage it better.


Simon Ellis, Practice Director, IDC Manufacturing Insights, Supply Chain Strategies:

Simon kicks-off the session by defining the ‘reverse logistics’ concept, which has expanded significantly over time. He further goes on to explain the four different kinds of supply chains based upon supply and demand complexity – engineering-oriented value chain, technology-oriented value chain, asset-oriented value chain and brand-oriented value chain – and how the need for a reverse logistics system varies across organizations with different value chains. To make the case for ‘Why Reverse Logistics’, he discusses some key factors like the empowered customer, demand volatility, supply complexity and multiple supply chain stakeholders.

Finally, Simon wraps up his talk by quoting some statistics from a recent IDC research on this subject, where the majority of respondent organizations felt that reverse logistics is a growing concern for them because it helps meet them customer expectations, and a large number felt its importance in containing costs and upholding brand reputation. 

Chris Gopal, Supply Chain Lead, Transformation Practice, TCS:

After Simon’s stage-setting, Chris presents a case study on a global electronics manufacturing organization, which was aiming to contain costs, reduce inventory, enable quick turnaround time for a superior customer experience and improve quality by quickly resolving issues. An important revelation that emerged from this engagement was the fact that the organization in question didn’t regard the reverse logistics supply chain as important as the forward supply chain. This fundamental flaw, when identified and addressed, fixed all the other aspects and helped the organization achieve its goals. 

John Barcus, Vice President, Discrete Industries, Oracle Corporation:

John presents a snapshot of the various manufacturing organizations that use Oracle products in this area, and talks at length about the features of Oracle’s solution and how it can benefit manufacturers.

Nilanjan Chatterjee, Head – Oracle Solutions, Manufacturing Innovation and Transformation Group, TCS:

Nilanjan talks about TCS’ Oracle-based Reverse Logistics solution and how we digitize it on our technology backbone to ensure a superior customer experience. By way of a case study about a manufacturing organization, he explains the approach that was followed to address the customer’s pain points. Finally, Nilanjan extensively discusses the 4-layered solution that TCS has on offer, in this area.