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TCS helps Tesco Broadband & Homephone achieve consistent customer experience and increased online sales.

In this video, James Mahon, Head of Tesco Broadband, Tesco Broadband & Homephone, highlights how TCS helped them expand broadband service, rationalize call centers and achieve consistent customer experience and increased online sales.

Tesco is the 3rd largest Retailer in UK with 16 million UK loyalty clubcard holders. Its subsidiary Tesco Telecoms offers mobile phone, home phone and broadband services to Consumers and Businesses it is one of the largest Mobile Virtual Network Operator’s (MVNO) in the UK. Tesco Telecoms has 3 lines of Business viz. Mobile, Broadband and online, in 2006, Tesco partnered with Cable and Wireless for the Broadband services

Experience Results:
James Mahon discusses how TCS has consistently delivered projects for them on time and within budget. He explains: “Aside from Tesco Broadband tripling its sales since engaging with TCS, the other major consolidation TCS has assisted with is rationalizing our call centers. We’ve moved from three call centers to one, improving our costs, allowing us to be able to train and multi-skill our agents but more importantly improve the customer experience so our customers get a consistent experience when they call or go online. We now sell between 70-80% of sales online, whereas previously 4 years ago before we worked with TCS it was a 30% business.”

Experience partnership:
James Mahon discusses how TCS partnership trust has helped tesco achieve success. He explains, “One of the great things about TCS is that they are always working to understand the market place – to understand where we might be – to anticipate things in a market place and bring ideas to us. Principally our desire to serve our customers better is a very important thing that we share.“

Experience Leadership:
Jason Mahon discusses how TCS technology leadership in Hosted OSS/BSS Solution (HOBS) leads to the success of relationship and Tesco. He explains, I think the TCS technology that was provided – the 'HOBS' system, the proprietary TCS system is crucial to the success of this relationship and the success of Tesco Broadband. It was principally an already built service that we just took and tweaked and tailored to fit our market."

He further discusses how TCS helps Tesco experience certainty: “TCS's reliability and the kind of certainty we get out of what we deliver, what they deliver has been really important to the success of Tesco Broadband. I think their ability to grow, the partnership that they provide, the innovation and the confidence and trust we have with them means that you know we are looking to work with TCS for a very long time indeed.”