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BT Financial Group leverages TCS’ banking expertise and comprehensive IT services portfolio for streamlining its wealth management, insurance, and superannuation businesses.

In this video, Anastasia Cammaroto, CIO, BTFG, speaks about the company’s partnership with TCS. Anastasia outlines how TCS has assisted BTFG in various strategic initiatives, with the latest program focusing on the systems integration of a state-of-the-art wealth management platform.

BT Financial Group (BTFG), the wealth management arm of Westpac Group, is one of Australia's leading wealth management companies. It manages and administers large funds through various financial products and services.

Experience Results:
BTFG wanted to simplify its wealth management systems to improve operational efficiency and enhance user experience for advisors. TCS conducted a seamless transition of application development and maintenance services from BTFG’s incumbent service provider without impacting the client’s daily operations across the business units, while ensuring all programs are delivered as planned.

Together, BTFG and TCS are building a state-of-the art wealth management platform – Panorama – that will allow BTFG’s customers to interact with their portfolio effectively and efficiently. Anastasia regards BTFG’s relationship with TCS as an important factor that has assisted her team to accomplish key organizational objectives. In her words, “Panorama is the largest transformation project that BTFG has ever undertaken, and it is also the largest project for any wealth management organization in Australia.  Our relationship with TCS will ensure that we have the ability to deliver products faster to market, that those products are delivered and are available whenever our customers need them, and that we continue to innovate on those products and services as well.”

Experience Partnership:
According to Anastasia, BTFG and TCS have spent a significant amount of time to build the team and the relationships within both organizations, “TCS has shown a significant amount of agility. Every organization has its own internal barriers that they have to go through, and TCS, through its experience of working with multiple customers globally, has worked with us to overcome those barriers and work through them.”

Experience Leadership:
BTFG benefitted immensely from TCS’ deep domain knowledge, expertise in digital technologies, experience in the wealth management industry, and the ability to work in tandem with the client’s team.  Anastasia commented, “We look forward to the innovation, leadership of thinking, and leadership of practice coming through and lifting our own standards. The focus TCS has put on BT Financial Group has started right from the top of the organization and extended throughout the organization.”