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Webinar - Implications and Impact of the Digitally Connected Customer Journey


It is clear that a new, connected customer journey, driven by digital technologies, is already underway. What is not clear is where the journey ends. There are signposts, however, that illuminate future direction and the changing customer journey’s impact on the enterprise. Don’t miss this new thinking about the customer journey that promises meaningful and enduring customer relationships.

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This webinar covers the following discussion points:

  • The changing customer journey
  • Delivering value by taking a wider perspective of the customer journey that extends beyond traditional industries and value ecosystems
  • Examples of businesses and governments proactively responding to the new customer journey
  • The call for new strategies, business models, partnerships, and approaches to data
  • A glimpse into potential future opportunities

Take a look at recent perspectives about the digitally connected customer journey that promises more meaningful, enduring customer relationships, increased growth, loyalty, and market share.


  • Moderator: Ben Greenzweig, Co-Founder/Co-CEO, Momentum
  • Speaker: Nigel Fenwick, Vice President & Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
  • Speaker: Suman Mahalanabis, Director, Product Management, TCS Digital Software & Solutions Group

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