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BizDevOps: Thinking beyond DevOps for Enterprise Agility



In today’s world, businesses have to be agile enough to meet the ever changing market needs and customer demands. DevOps with its focus on managing, tracking and automated software releases across entire application lifecycle is gaining popularity among enterprises.

Catch the May 2015 edition of TCS MasterCraft quarterly newsletter that discusses how BizDevOps covers the complete demand to deploy value chain.

Businesses were dependent on information technology to improve operational efficiencies and productivity. With evolution in technology, enterprises have realized the importance of IT as a major enabler for business innovation. This requires the IT teams to be more agile and responsive to market needs.

IT organizations are required to adaptable, agile, observe high quality and have repeatable processes. To achieve quicker and high quality delivery, enterprises must focus on the following key areas:

  • Enterprise Agility At Scale
  • Automation through Continuous Delivery and DevOps
  • Right tooling for organization and technology landscape
  • Metrics and Measurement for monitoring and constant improvement
  • Collaboration and Knowledge Management

Traditionally, the enterprises have focused on delivering defect free products to the customers. But now-a-days, the objective is to provide more value to the business. The enterprises face many challenges in this regard.

TCS enables enterprises to achieve product innovation through a methodology platform called “BizDevOps” which allows enterprises to achieve Continuous Business Alignment with certainty to manage end to end integration.

In this newsletter, TCS takes a differentiated view point with BizDevOps being used to digitize and automate the entire business demand to deploy cycle. TCS defines BizDevOps as set of processes, technologies and systems for collaborations and integration, in addition to being responsible for business requirements through design, development, assurance and operation to deliver software products and services in an agile manner.

TCS introduces TCS MasterCraft DevPlus as a platform for implementing BizDevOps principles which ties the business demand through development lifecycle, all the way to deployment.

This newsletter also features, the Gartner research paper titled “Seven steps to start your DevOps initiative” (Source: Gartner Research, G00270249, 16 September 2014), that gives you a step by step guidance to start a DevOps initiative.

Learn how you can think beyond DevOps to achieve real business benefits from automation through an integrated toolset and how TCS MasterCraft can help you address the tooling demands for an effective BizDevOps in today’s digital world.

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