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White Paper

A New Synthesis for Business Process Reengineering

As an engine for business transformation, Business Process Reengineering (BPR) has had a mixed history. In its earliest days, BPR focused on eliminating “non-value adding” activities or steps within processes. At the same time it attacked the approach of simply automating existing, unchanged processes.  

While the desirability of both goals seemed obvious, in fact, they begged some important questions. For example, “value” (which is added or not-added) can have very different meanings, depending on who is making the judgment call.  Do process steps which meet Sarbanes-Oxley mandates add value to the customer, or to the operations group doing the process, or to the CEO? How and by whom are competing perspectives balanced?

In this white paper, co-authored by Celent and TCS, we discuss the maturity of the BPR concept, focus on the key elements of a BPR solution, its relevance for the insurance sector and how organisations need to focus on effective planning for BPR activities.